Zooscape TMG New Animal Card Game

 Game: Zooscape Players: 3- 6 players
 Publisher: Tasty Minstrel Games Age: 14+
 Time: 30 minutes Replayability: 7.5/ 10

zooscapeZooscape TMG New Animal Card Game

Zooscape is another fun card game published by Tmg. I am really enjoying the variety TMG has recently started pushing to their catalog. While all their games are unique in their own way, this wave of games are completely different to the last batch of games we’ve seen (ie: Steam Works, Luna, Gold West). If that still does not make sense–Tmg has a type. I could see a game and have a feeling it’s TMG while with these new games, I cannot. Zooscape is a perfect example of this. Each player is needed to capture escaped animals from a zoo. On your turn you will be making lefts and rights scattering around the zoo looking for these escapes species. Some of the players will find animals while others will not. Luckily, you have a zoo manager that can configure a map of where the animals may be–making it easier (or harder) for you to find them. After five rounds of hunting, you will tally your points (placing any negative or positive outcomes on your final score. The player with the most points wins!

This card game is fun because It’s fresh. I have not played a game like this before nor could I point out a game similar to it (I have not played as many games as some of our more seasoned players so that could be my fault). It’s a fully functional design with simple to follow rules and a clean layout featuring similar sized boxes to other TMG titles and quality card stock.

My Experience

I played this with two other players which I thought worked well with the title. Zooscape has us split the animal deck into five decks of eight (for player count). The zoo manager of the round (me) took one of the decks and split it into two sections split by a gate card (having a left and right arrow printed on it). Each player takes turns secretly placing either their zoo keeper with a first group card or second group card. I was the unlucky player paired with the third player for wanting to collect the second group. The player to my left grabbed the first group and admired the almost water colored artwork of lizards and lions. We pushed forward, I gave my manager card to the player to my left and let her split the remaining animals into two decks. Once again the players who did not collect animals are two gamble for a side of cards. This is done until all the cards are taken. If you are a player that ended up with no cards (like me) you get a fish card (almost like a participation point -_-).

After the five rounds were played we tallied up our points. Now to save you a bunch of boring math I’ll explain a few examples of negative outcomes to elaborate on the scoring. I was given three lions by the end of the game. Unfortunately, the lion cage can only hold two lions (6 points each), however, since I had three lions they are all now worth -1 point.

Final Thoughts

Like I’ve mentioned earlier, this is a unique card game for both the community and for TMG. I enjoyed the experience and think it’s a light enough game for a lot of us to be able to tackle (depending on your experience with card games). While it’s not too interactive with others players the independent play will be manipulating game play for others players. The learning curve is low but some of the card explanations need a few read-through’s to truly understand. I like the pacing because it goes by fast–players are just picking sides and collecting points.

You will like this game if you enjoy animals and like the component of luck.

You will not like this game if you want a deeper experience or don’t enjoy luck-based games.

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