Zombie Road

 Name: Zombie Road, Rampage Games Time: 20+
 Rulebook and Gameplay: Easy Age: 12+
Replayable : 6/10 Players:2- 4

 zombie road

Zombie Road

The undead has been a confident theme for quite some time. Dating back to the modern use of zombies seen in Romero’s Night of the living dead ’68. People incorporating zombies into their work hasn’t seen a digress in popularity. Sometimes, this can mean exhaustion from seeing it all the time–Fortunately, this game feels like a nice refresher for a rather overabundant apocalypse. In this cooperative (or not.. it’s optional) card drafting board game, you and a select few, who survived The Apocalypse, are on a journey to travel as far away as possible reaching Oasis, the zombie-free zone. Manage your inventory by collecting weapons, avoiding major disasters, and going the distance to freedom.


In this game, players will start by choosing one of the 6 unique characters. They all offer a special ability to help aid you in the game. Players will be always drawing 1 car and managing 3 cards. These cards will be used to safely travel the specified amount of miles til end game. This game includes less than 5 mechanics to create its experience, so it could be classified as an easier game for beginners to understand and enjoy. Your inventory (the cards you draw and manage) will be weapons for use against zombies, any active disasters that are not yet taken care of, or the mileage cards you will be accumulating to make it to safety.
The rules are simple to follow and can be learned in under 5 minutes. A few options happen as you draw cards from the deck. Either, draw a weapon to your inventory or add a mileage card to your accumulated miles. If neither of the cards shows up then you are most likely going to draw a zombie or a disaster card–so those will be needed to take care.
zombie road
Zombie Road itself creates a great atmosphere of the road we are traveling on with highway signs, thematic characters, Quick turn gameplay, and relatable cards (like out of gas disasters or gas station masters). The cards’ design implements simplicity to translate a card’s meaning and what it can do for you; however, the zombies are the only cards to truly get a full-detailed look. From a design standpoint, I feel this helps to impress the urgency of staying alive when a zombie shows up in the draw. Do not worry, if you don’t have the weapons to take down a full-scale level 4 zombie you’ll always have friends to offer their weapons to keep you alive.

Final Thoughts

I feel if a player is growling for a Quick cooperative card game, Zombie road can satisfy that hunger. With just 90 cards, This game by Chris Rossetti, has created a zombie horde experience all while driving your way to safety. You will be tackling the complications of the apocalypse along the way, so better gear up. Pick your poison, looking to be the medic that relies on storing health items for the team with the return of friends helping you out of being cornered by zombies? Maybe you want to be that lone-wolf trucker? Or, why not, let’s be the good-moral cop always looking to protect everyone else. These are all your choices, but you better choose fast–zombies don’t stop to wait for you to save your life.
You will like this game if you enjoy Cooperative, card drafting, and quick gaming. This is a zombie-themed card game for you and those alike. I know I am one of those people looking for a cooperative option ready to fill the in-betweens of some of the heavier games.
You will not like this game if drawing cards and taking single actions gets repetitive. I think there may be an issue with only 4 zombie types and 4 disaster types and dealing with only 90 cards. This seems like it can eventually have repeat gameplay.

Joseph Nicholas

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