Zombie Farkle Roll Your Dice and Fight Zombies Kickstarter

zombie farkleZombie Farkle kickstarter

Want a game you can play with friends and family, gamers and grandmas, and have a frighteningly good time playing it. Then you need to try Zombie Farkle. It was bound to happen sooner or later and now the zombie apocalypse is here. But never fear humanity, heroes have emerged to save us all! Ninjas, robots, pirates, monkeys, and aliens are here to defeat the zombie hordes and restore order. All they need is a little bit of your help.

Zombie Farkle is a press-your-luck dice rolling game for 1-6 players that is fun for the entire family. The game consist of 6 custom etched and color filled dice in a custom printed dice bag so you can take it with you anywhere. Zombie Farkle is now available for you on Kickstarter.  The game is easy to learn or teach and quick to play; the object of the game is to destroy as many zombies as possible by rolling combinations of dice. You can score the points you earn, or push your luck further for a greater payout. But remember, if you get too reckless, the zombies will eat your brains.

A player begins each turn by choosing to join with one group of heroes; ninjas, robots, pirates, monkeys, or aliens. Once the player has selected their heroes  for the turn, the fight against the zombie hordes begins. The player rolls all the dice. If they did not roll any scoring dice combinations they have rolled a Farkle and the Zombies ate their brains, their turn is over and  any points they had collected this turn are lost. If they did roll scoring combinations they check to see if they have also been attacked by zombies (rolled zombies). If they have rolled any zombies and have also rolled one of their chosen heroes, then the heroes destroy the zombies and they can be ignored. If the player rolled any zombies and have not rolled any of their chosen heroes, then the zombies have eaten those dice and they are lost for the rest of the turn. Once any zombie attacks are resolved the player can set aside the dice that are worth points. The player must then decide whether to keep their points or to continue the fight by rolling any remaining dice again. To win you must be brave, but also wise because if you roll and get no additional scoring dice you have rolled a Farkle and you lose all the points you have collected this turn.

For more examples of how to play Zombie Farkle, you can check out our video.zombie farkle

Zombie Farkle is great fun for intrepid heroes of all ages. To bring the excitement of Zombie Farkle to you though, humanity needs your help now on Kickstarter where, if you hurry, you can get your own copy of Zombie Farkle for as little as $8.

We hope we can count on your support to defeat the zombie hordes before it is too late!

Information provided by Sandeep & Dave (Boardworks LLC)


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