Game: Xtension

Publisher: Xues


I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus from games for the past couple weeks, but I am glad to say that I am back with a vengeance! Recently, indietabletop has extended its arms out to mobile indie games, and I am absolutely ecstatic about this. I am somewhat of a lazy gamer in that I like the convenience of a mobile game. You can’t really play games on a console when you’re in line at the store (duh). I have to admit that I am not too proud of my mobile gaming habits, nor am I proud of my game collection, but the glory of these mobile games stashed conveniently on my mobile device is that hardly anyone will know of my guilty pleasures. Except of course, the creepers standing behind you at the store–then you are on your own, friend.


Anyways, last week I started playing this mobile game called Xtension: An Impossible Runner by Xeus. The name pretty much says it all: it is a runner game, and it is damn near impossible, and HIGHLY addictive. I have a 45 minute BART (bay area rapid transit) commute to the city 3 days a week, and my commute was completely filled up with this game. The game itself is super minimal (if you haven’t already caught this, I am much more drawn towards minimal games than really complex games), the graphics only contain a few colors, and there are only two directions that you need to be aware of: your left and your right. I don’t want to put a bad rap on console games, but like I’ve said many times before–I am a novice! I can never coordinate my right and left thumbs to perfect the 6-degrees of freedom that consoles offer. I realize that this must sound pretty ridiculous to most, but this is a muscle movement that I simply struggle with on console. With that being said, Xtension was a perfect game for me: it does not place many demands on a novice gamer, and it definitely does not require much instruction to enjoy.iljmhyug

When I initially was introduced to Xtension, I immediately thought of the really old game called Snake, where you would traditionally play on your super decked-out 90s Nokia cell phone. Although Xtension was not necessary a game of chase, minimal theme was very reminiscent of that 90s classic. The object of Xtension is to maneuver through the cracks in the “walls” without bumping into any of the walls, side walls included. Stars can be collected for maximum points, and you simply accrue as many points as possible until you run into a wall. Really simple, and I would argue that it’s a solid way to keep your mind sharp in terms of reaction time. My only critique to the game would be the music, only because it gave me a freight during some of the most intense parts of the game. It’s merely just a personal preference.

Overall, Xtension is an awesome game that can be played at any given point in time, to any given audience. It’s not too difficult to improve on, and a definitely think that those of you who are looking for a replacement for that 90s classic, should opt to play Xtension. It was awesome being able to relive that thrill of not running into something.


Stephanie Am

Produces art in the form of food. Favorite mechanics include bluffing and deduction, set collection , point to point movement, and tile placement. Favorite video game genre is Puzzle games.

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