World’s Fair 1893

Game: World’s Fair 1893world's fair 1893

Publisher: Foxtrot Games

Players 2- 4


World’s Fair 1893 by Foxtrot Games is innovative in every sense. With exhibitions showcasing international accomplishments in transportation, fine arts, agriculture, electriety, and manufacturing. You are an event organizer for the World’s fair–finding reputable influences and obtaining some of the grandest of world's fair 1893exhibits from supporters to put on display. You are in competition with other event organizers of the Fair to earn the most reputation in order to be victorious.

World’s Fair 1893 displays a remarkable layout of antiquity. The World’s Fair’s Ferris Wheel creates a congenial environment and is the immediate point of attraction for the game. As you make your rounds around the board, placing new areas down, you’ll begin to appreciate the rich detail of color and imagery that represents each of the exhibition categories. The score trackers are cleverly located on the Ferris Wheel, allowing for a sense of cohesion while playing the game. The Location Tiles resemble the tents that hold the exhibits. The cards used for influence, exhibits, or midway cards are consistent with the theme of the game: the monochromatic pallette allows players to understand the roles of each respective's fair 1893

If you are sold on this game on looks alone, you will definitely not be disappointed with the actual game play. World’s Fair 1893 dedicates a hefty amount of charm to its game play. You begin your turn by choosing an area for your to place 1 supporter cube on. This will give you the cards necessary to win the game. Depending on the card; you’ll move the Ferris Wheel (which brings you closer to the rounds scoring phase), collect influential people to use on your next turn (which will be the action after placing a supporter cube), and be in the progress of proposing exhibits. You’ll end your turn by placing 1 new card down in each area in clockwise 3 times. The game ends world's fair 1893after you have rotated through 3 scoring phases–tally your score, the winner has the highest score at the end of the game.

What I really enjoy is how simple the game play is and how friendly competition can be appreciated. A light-weight set collection card game easily available for all players, but heavy enough to endure some great game's fair 1893


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