World of Dungeons

 Game: World of Dungeons Players: 2- 5
 Publisher: 2 Handsome Games Time: 30 minutes
 Age: 12+ Replayability: 6.5/ 10

 world of dungeonsWorld of Dungeons

World of Dungeons is a new game found on the gamecrafter brought to us by 2 Handsome Games, the same team that brought us Stay Out of my Dungeon. It’s fun take on MMO’s translated into a card game. To begin, setup your three decks (loot, dungeon, and forum) separately and draw two cards for both the dungeon and forum deck. The game play is simple,  After drawing one loot card (which makes your hand), you will draw a new forum card from the deck and take one to begin building your guild. You will then take your guild and enter a dungeon with it. These dungeons can be farms or bosses and can only be entered under certain requirements. For example, a Leader guild member can enter a dungeon marked for Leaders. It’s quick and easy and definitely delivers any nostalgia for those who’ve experienced any raiding, mmo’s, or looting before. Character types such as AFK players and Casual will bring back memories (even if they are not so good).

World of Dungeons is a fully functional card game for 2- 5 players and carries over certain themes from their first game Stay out of My Dungeon. It could be interactive with others players if you want to play loot cards to sabotage your opponents guild during their raid. The learning curve is placed in the understanding of cards and how each card type can deliver whether it be in a raid or to attack opponents with loot.

My Experience

I began my turn by drawing a casual player with a strength of four. My only loot card was to decrease the level of a raid by one. Simple, I was going into a goblin raid (great for farming) with a strength of four. I used my loot card to decrease the strength of the raid and rolled the mandatory dice to either add or subtract experience to my guild members or to destroy my guild members. luckily I got a +1 so I definitely defeated the goblins. I put my goblin card to the side to indicate the score I have, which is listed on the raid card and was two for the goblins. The player to my left drew a noob from the forum deck and tried his chances at a raid card that also had the same level strength as he did. Unfortunately, the dice roll lessened his chances of winning with a -2 which killed his guild member and sent him to the discard pile of the forum. This repeated until one of us reached 20 vp (which was me). My brother tried his best throwing loot cards at me, building a strong guild, and receiving a close 18 points toward victory–but I was lucky that I didn’t lose my last raid.

world of dungeonsFinal Thoughts

While I did enjoy this experience there were a few cards and card types in the game I felt got me a bit lost. The asterisk symbol located on some of the cards were a bit hard to follow. Those that had the asterisk from the dungeon were used for a few different reasons, some being matching the strength of your guild or matching the vp of the number of loot cards you own, and so forth. I had a hard time understanding if it was a consistently changing with the progress or was it staying that point value from when it’s first collected or seen. The asterisk located on some of the forum members wasn’t necessarily explained which made it tough for us to use those card types (so we just..didn’t). But aside from that confusion we felt the game was valuable in a way that I don’t own any dungeon raiding card games like this and I’d like to bring it out again to introduce new players to the concept.

You will like this game if you’re familiar with dungeon raiding or just want to collect VP by building a team of members to defeat monster.

You will not like this game if you don’t like fantasy themes or dungeon raiding.


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