Wordwright A word card game for this generation


Wordwright is definitely a word game for this generation. The cards have a minimal design are accompanied with a next-level variation of word play. Each card will have one word part (prefixes, roots, and suffixes), along with a definitition and suitable spelling variations of pronounciation. These spelling variations make each card versatile to players as players can create different words from the same cards as the game progresses. While this may look and act like a fun card game for a group of people to play, evidently, there is a very prominent education aspect to this game. It could test children with word play and word creation. I feel critical thinking is a very powerful piece of talent to have and I feel Wordwright presents this opportunity wrapped up in a beautiful card game.

How to play:

Deal out 9 of word cards from the deck and players will begin vocally calling out words they see using the some of the 9 cards as they are being placed down. You will take them from the pile and place them in front of you. Let’s assume two players used one of the same cards in their word; whichever player has the longer word wins the cards over to their side and are considered their points. After the deck of cards is exhausted, tally up your points and declare victor (Greens are 1 point, yellows are 2 points, and reds are 3)! Very simple, very education, and very fun for anyone to play.

Source: Kickstarter 


Joseph Nicholas

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