Wolf and Hound: Cute and Casual Board Game

 Game: Wolf and Hound Players: 2- 4 (best with 4)
 Publisher: Ninja Star Games Age: 10+
 Time: 20 minutes Replayability: 7/10

2016-06-26 13.42.57 Wolf and Hound: Cute and Casual Board Game

Wolf and Hound is played with two teams of two and has you and your opponent maintain  good watch over your sheep as the big bad wolf tries to scare them away. I find this game ti extremely available and accessible for a wide variety of players. It’s simply casual, it’s a title that has you play one card from your hand in order to move around the wolf or hound. The wolf is used to scare away sheep while the hound is used to return the sheep home. For your first play, it’s advised you play a basic setup of the board game by not introducing any extra animal cards or sheep cards (which are animal enhancers or effects to mix up the game). Each player has three sheep in their pasture and is to maintain these three sheep by ensuring the hound continues to rally them up if they escape. The game ends when a player has lost all their sheep to the wolf. As you become more familiar with the title, feel free to add any animal cards or sheep cards to get the game denser.

The game is interesting because of how simple the game flow is. each card you play has a number and color, these will influence the movement of the wolf or hound to move around the board. Each movement is a location of one of the four players. These cards activate if they correspond their location with the start of your turn. The structures are extremely clear and accessible, while the rulebook may look intimidating by its size, it’s actually elaborating samples of gameplay on each page. The design of the cardboard standups, the artwork, and the board are fantastic. I am very impressed with the way it looks.

My Experience

My first gameplay was very light. My teammate and I sat across from each other while the opponents sat next to us and were across from each other. I did not play with any modifier animal cards or sheep cards and had the basic setup with my opponents. As the first player, I had both the hound and wolf start in front of me. Even if I were to activate them it would counter each other (which I find is a clever way to begin the game). I played a three wolf to get the wolf out of my possession and onto my opponent. My opponent (left of me) played a three wolf to move the wolf onto my teammate across from me. Since it was my teammate’s turn, the wolf activated and he lost a sheep. My opponent moved the hound twice to get it over to him hoping it won’t move until his next turn again. My opponent to my right played the wolf two to bring it over to my side. It activated as I began my turn.

We played the experience again but added a few of the modifiers into the mix. We added a skip your turn sheep, which moves when both wolf and hound move, and we added a couple wolf and hound modifiers. One of which was a flip card. It can begin as either a wolf or hound and flips between the two as it passes over the first player. The skip your turn is neat because its movement is half the speed of the wold and hound, which is a great mix up of tactics.

2016-06-26 13.44.46Final Thoughts

This is a directly interactive board game of losing and gaining sheep. While it has built variation for 2 or 3 players, they are generally making four player games and having player(s) take the roll of the empty spaces. I find replay value in Wolf and Hound because of how simple it is, and the amount of changes you can make adding animal or sheep cards. I absolutely love the cardboard standups and the cardboard fences built around the sheep. It definitely adds a nice flavor to an already light-hearted game. It has a steady pacing and after the initial setup of building fences, gets on the table relatively quickly. I do find that wolf/hound movements could see themselves looped a little too often. My partner lost because we just couldn’t find the right cards to play to get the hound on his side before his turn. However, I do enjoy how simple it is to play.

You will like this game if you want a lighthearted filler board game that involved cute cardboard pieces and easy mechanics.

You will not like this game if you want something dense and longer. This is a very quick game.