Vasty Wilds The Kingdom Épique

 Game: Vasty Wilds Players: 2- 4 (best with 2)
 Publisher: Made By Wombat Age: 12+
 Time: 30 minutes

vasty wilds vasty wilds

At this point in time (and maybe over 200 posts later) I’ve come to appreciate the effort that goes into custom work. This could translate to cards, mechanics, meeples, or game play. Every once and a while I run into some really innovative ideas turned board game and just “wow” at the opportunity to witness this. I’ve played games that have constructed asymmetrical players with the finest of balance. I’ve experience some impressive matz constructed for games, I’ve even wanted games for their art work (I’m talking about you Graham Cranfield). I’ve recently been able to try out a game that has presented to me some of the most vasty wildsprecious wooden meeples I’ve seen and can promise you will not see anything like it.

Vasty Wilds was I game that I was really interested in. The modular card setup and the artwork were initially what had drawn me in. The deep array of colors filling in the outlines of the animal kingdom and the wild beasts that inhabit these worlds. It was after appreciating the artwork did I alter my focus toward the cards actions. Each card can supply a player with 3 different actions. A card will have a white outlines image, and one to a few black outlined images. These outlines make all the difference between a card game and innovation. White outlines represent your opponents action (usually focuses on damage or hindrance) and the black outlines indicate your characters action (usually healing or movement).

vasty wildsTo begin place your home card and begin placing and extending the 12 trunk cards in any way you’d like. Choose your character marker and the opponent to your lefts’ objective tokens. Each turn you will be placing cards from your hand on to the trunks and eventually on top of each other (notice each cards white and black outline and each cards red and blue symbols). The blue circles should be overlapped by red triangles. Once a card is place, perform the white outline/red triangle action to your opponent (again, this could typically include damaging them, possessing their movement, or potentially cursing them and whatnot) followed by the blue circle /black outline action that you covered. This action will be either healing, movement, or equipment. Each card placed adds more opportunity for your opponents as well as yourself.

Throughout the game the cards being overlapped may have a “place
objective token” within one of the black outlines, this is where the main victory components kick in. Drop your opponents token anywhere on the board (usually away from them), which results in their journey toward their token. Whoever collects their tokens wins.

I can’t stress how much I enjoyed this game. The replacement of 1 action for 2 opens opportunity for all players.The custom meeples come equipped with a section of their piece to collect “damage” skulls.
Which I thought was super cool. When you run into an opponent you have to attack them (which also results in damage). When you die (after 3 skulls), you must started back on the home card. My only complaint is that with more players the board gets a bit cluttered; running into opponents is a little more frequent than I’d hoped. However, I find this hindrance to be nothing more than something I had to conjure in order to critique it and was nothing I thought of as I was playing. So yes, this is a truly solid game.

Kickstarter link for Vasty Wilds coming soon!

vasty wilds

Artwork examples

vasty wilds

Artwork examples


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