Vast: The Crystal Caverns Second Print

 vast crystal caverns second printVast: The Crystal Caverns Second Print

Vast: The Crystal Caverns was a huge hit when it first found itself on kickstarter being a very unique and exciting asymmetrical dungeon crawler. Take on the role of either the dragon, knight, goblin, thief, or the cave itself as you tackle objectives and win. So yes, this could be a four player game all having unique win variants. We’ve initially got to experience the beta version of the game which we found was phenomenal. With the success of the kickstarter reaching around $150,000, almost 3,000 backers got to experience this wild ride deep in the ruins of misfortune and encounter.

vast crystal caverns second printJust last month a kickstarter for the Vast: The Crystal Caverns Second Print began and finished a few days ago reaching twice the amount of backers and almost $500,000! This new print includes new cards and miniatures of each character as well as brand new characters to introduce to the game (which is crazy to imagine needing to write unique gameplay modes for each player). What we have introduced are the ghost, who is needed to manipulate players in order to win, the ghoul, who bullies and beats up other players to win, and the unicorn (which replaces the dragon) who just looks so epic. While the rulebook may be a bit overbearing at first, this is by far a game that every designer, player, and publisher NEEDS to experience at least once.

Vast: The Crystal Caverns Second Print


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