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Game: UnmatchedTime: 30 minutes
Age: 9+Difficulty: easy with not much depth
Players: 2- 4 best at 2Replay Value: medium


An asymmetrical battle ground featuring all our mythical favorites such as King Arthur, Alice in Wonderland, Sinbad, and Medusa. What a strange band of people right? Each player will battle uniquely being their decks are specifically designed for them and their fighting style. Battle to win!

The game comes with a double sided board for new ways to experience the game, four 3D heroes with their matching deck, their specific cards, life tile, and their sidekick token(s).

Players will draw five cards and place their hero on the board along with their sidekicks around the hero, or in their colored zone. Play out any hero specific start actions and begin play!

On your turn, you will take two actions on your turn out of the following list of actions described per player. These actions will always start with a move, followed by any of the other actions that exist–such as scheming (which has players play that specific card), or attacking.

From Boardgamegeek

What To Expect

Asymmetrical gameplay takes on a new meaning in a battle ground scenario. Each player have their own set of cards for their hero and side kicks. The battling isn’t too different from normal “higher number wins” style of gaming. Players will choose a card in secret which will be revealed. These cards are resolved by their immediacy. Damage is subtracted to the hero’s health dial.

Most of what I found was the highlight of this game was more of the journey. The movement and the strategies used to get your way toward your opponent while gearing up some strong fighting cards or boosts that can give you the edge over your opponent.

What I like

I think the mechanism used for fighting is super interesting and unique. For example, ranged characters can attack as long as they are in the same “zone” or same color. I like the idea of that because it almost creates and immersion of what the game would look like if in real time. I also love the asymmetrical gaming. Each character plays very uniquely with their own strategies for the most part.

From Boardgamegeek

What I Don’t Like

I think battling can get a little slow at times, once hero’s reach each other it’s a card battle until one of the hero’s dies. Sure, there are some great ways to use your cards and sidekicks to change up the way the game plays (like relocating Alice), but that’s more luck of the draw and hoping to have some solid after battle card. After a couple play through’s I am definitely looking forward to more hero’s to play with–money grab.

Final Thoughts

This is a genre that is definitely a hit with those who enjoy battle games. I was attached to the asymmetrical game play and love the set up of the whole thing. I think the game looks better on paper in my opinion because I wasn’t very impressed with combat. But then again, it’s a genre I don’t typically enjoy so me enjoying this game says volumes.

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