TrikyTrail Hybrid Card Game

Game: TrikytrailPlayers: 2- +
Time: 15+Age: 8+
Difficulty: easyReplay Value: higher 3/ 5



People travel the world to experience life-changing moments, for Soul searching or just want to see what’s out there. Imagine Trikytrails as a little itinerary for your next trip. This game plays with playing best at … To keep it simple. Discard your whole hand by playing cards that are either of matching suit or number or joker cards which create the flavor in the game, adding card actions such as battles and questionnaires. This can happen in 20 minutes or less by using hand management and would work really well in a family setting because of simple gameplay and a fun world discovery theme which actually does a great job sharing some great trivia. 

What I like


I like how educational Trikytrail is. Really, questionnaires help players identify landmarks or cultures. Each card is a new area with a whole new adventure of locations, drawings, or animals. Cards are actually doubled up as French tarot, English poker, and … Giving this game a multiple use option. The simple gameplay is stretched with joker cards helping nhc’s learn the concept of abilities while understanding the game that can be simply played with a deck of poker cards. And while I haven’t seen it yet, I saw hints toward an AR integration.

What I Dont likes

What I don’t like. Some of the Trivia questions may be extremely! hard if someone isn’t open familiar with world flags or geography. The gameplay is simple but could be a leaning toward a little too simple for any chance of not being pigeon holed into a family and children card game. I know that seems like a stretch but from a consumer point of view, I have more game nights with friends than I do family game nights. 

Final Thoughts

There’s not much to dislike because the game is so straightforward. There is nothing about the game that is overselling itself. If you’re playing this you know what to expect. Its an easy matching card game with light ability powers and steady game pacing. Top tier family game night card game. 


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