True Colors

Game: True ColorsPlayers: 3-6
Time: 30 minutesAge: 18+
Difficulty: easyReplay Value: higher

true colors

True colors

True colors is a 3- 6 player party game by games adults play, it’s suggested to play at 18+ but from my experience, I didn’t find anything too vulgar. I consider this more of a family game night type of game playing in about 30 minutes. The game is simple, draw and read a card aloud, everyone secretly casts their votes into a ballot box of who in the group would be most likely. After the ballots are in, everyone then plays their pawn on the none, some, or most cards in the middle suggesting if you show up in the ballot respectively. Score points from the outcome and plays through 10 rounds. Might need a thick skin, Let’s check it out. 

true colors

Likes and Don’t likes

I like the simplicity of this game and am pretty impressed with the longevity of this games concept coming out 1989 surviving the lackluster period of the 90s and seeing a lot of reprints up to this really classy looking 2018 release. It has gameplay memorable from the classic board game era, but interactive enough to compete in the new age. Families can play it and anyone can enjoy it. 

The worst thing is passing ballots back. After a fun round of personal attacks, secret votes, and getting scores. Then you need to redistribute this mess of cards back to the players like we didn’t just all vote you, her, and kind of her for a reckless driving. Like most party games the cards will lose its steam, the cards will be lackluster, and the charm of voting will be gone with the introduction to a new party game. But hey, give this out as a gift after and you’d bring it life and a whole new period of gameplay. 

Final thoughts

It’s quick and easy to learn taking no more than 5 minutes to read the rules and setup. Itsa simple gameplay makes it accessible for literally everyone and it helps to be so similar to a classic board game published in the 80s. The 2018 reprint brings a modern Life to this classic. What do you think?

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