Trove The Crystal Caverns

trove the crystal caverns

trove the crystal caverns

Trove The Crystal Caverns is a 2- 4 player modular board game developed and designed by Leder Games. Trove is a very impressive, very unique asymmetric cave crawler defining an out-of-the-box  experience both in game and out. What do I mean by this? As developers, both Patrick Leder and David Somerville have carefully crafted a genuine and balanced opportunity of efforts between each of the four playable characters in the game. Every character having as equal an opportunity and importance as the next. Which I have to say as a reviewer, I was mind blown by these two creative minds in making this concept a reality.trove the crystal caverns

Trove The Crystal Caverns hosts four characters as heroes on this escapade through flickering lights, whispered horrors, and the gloomy depths of the cave. The characters we can play as include: the Knight, who is out for the dragons treasure, equipped with a map, a bow, her shield and her sword. the Three Goblin Tribes: powerful, cunning, and secrecy that all formulate an alliance, lurking for life to feed on. The Dragon Itself: relentless and willing to destroy anything in its path to escape.  Finally, in all its glory and myth (and my personal favorite) the Cave–the tales were true, the Cave thinks, breathes, and is ready to crush every living thing inside of it. trove the crystal caverns

Understand that the characters all have their own goals, stats, attributes, abilities, and turn order. Which means the Knight who will begin at the Cave’s entrance will be the first player to begin the game. She will carefully drift through the Cave as the cave’s darkness reveals itself, (controlled by the cave player) to wake the dragon and steal the treasure. The Goblins follow after the Knight, stalking their prey, gaining tribe members and relinquishing all they have on whatever gets in their way. The Dragon then begins their turn as the third player, shaking the effects of centuries of sleep, growing almighty, practicing greed, hunger, and pride to intimidate anything in their path. While the fourth player acts as the Cave itself, growing, delivering treasures, omens, and finally destroying itself to crush any living this inside of it once and for all.

When I said this was an out-of-the-box experience, aside from experiencing this game outside it’s box (which is a treat on its own) this game bends and breaks the rules of board gaming and I can say almost merges the lines between board gaming and video gaming. From the elaborated character abilities, the modular experience, and the always changing levels–Trove is the gateway to both mediums of gaming, one classic dungeon crawl at a time.trove the crystal caverns

Aside from the player characters and their templates, the game comes equipped with character tokens to build character stats and  individual character decks to impress the random outlier components of the game. The caves tiles, treasure, and event cards are illustrated to immerse the players with the classic dungeon trope roles and a very in-depth but constructive rulebook delivering clearly stated rules and examples to better illustrate the gameplay. I found Trove the Crystal Caverns to be an exciting new treat in dungeon crawler board games and I hope I have helped influence your gaming needs in some way.


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Joseph Nicholas

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