Tossed Salad

Game: Tossed SaladPlayers: multiple
Time: 20 minutesAge: 18+
Difficulty: easyReplay Value: lowest

tossed salad

Tossed salad

Tossed salad is a party game that kind of does the rap battle of Eminem’s 8 mile. It presents it’s flaws as soon as you look at the box. It’s a mindless memory game that has already been played before, with useless words on grade school construction paper, wrinkled up and thrown in this unnecessary large plastic container for us to unfold and have others guess. For 4 or more players. Plays in a huge range from 5 minutes to upwards of 20 depending on player count. Each round is a minute and just calculate that into how many players there are. I guess.

Likes and Don’t likes

I like that this game is easy. Honestl,y that’s it’s highlight is literally just pulling cards out of a box and trying to get others to guess it. Each round gets harder by first allowing us to say anything BUT the word to guess it, to using only 3 words to guess, to the challenging third round of charade only. I did enjoy this game, has a similar taste to heads-up with quick excitement and mindless guessing. 

I don’t like the box and wish the vulgarness was toned down. I get what they were doing, adult party games are a necessary evil, but in my opinion… The game is already pretty bulky, and the components aren’t something we can’t make ourselves, the vulgarness is only decreasing the small niche of players looking for something like this. 

Final thoughts

But honestly, I had fun just goofing around with a couple friends on this game. It’s so easy to play and the setup is virtually non-existent. 

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