Top kickstarter board games to keep an eye on

I’ve seen a lot of posts showcasing some top quality games on kickstarter week after week, but I also notice some games that go unannounced that I think have some solid and unique gameplay involved. Below I take you across a couple games I ran into that I think are different from the usual post and could really make for a good game night! These are my top kickstarter board games!null

Space invaders

2- 4 players defend their moon base by moving cannons across the board. When you destroy space invaders you are gifted cards that can help players in the battle. Fight for a hi-score against your opponents–just like in the arcade!

Space Invaders $30


I was checking out games on kickstarter and I remember the success of Klask I always keep an eye out on dexterity board games. Plakks is a soccer game that is simple in design. 10 minutes, 2 players, 8+

Plakks for $44

The Which Way

For those looking for a fun game for the younger crowd (4-8). this STEM game is not only fun but educational. The game is magnetic for a fun way to build the board. Help Messy Monster visit all his friends to win!

The Which Way $39


This game looks so much fun and I love the theme. You will literally be flipping cards, or pancakes, to score points. Using actions available, you will flip the cards to score points scoring more for more difficult flips. 2- 4 players, 8+

Flipflick $28

The Unicorn Rescue Society

for my final game in this list of top kickstarter board games I think Unicorn Rescue Society seems awesome. This is a game for 2- 8 players that plays in about 10 minutes for 5+. Match mythical creatures to their habitats score points for rarity.

The Unicorn Rescue Society $19