Top gateway board games

Top gateway board games

A couple days ago we ran a poll to see what the community thought was the top gateway board games for players who haven’t played board games and how to get them into the hobby. With well over 100 votes we received a fun mix of games! I will list out the top 5 games that made it to the top Gateway board games list.

Ticket To ride with 9 votes!

Carcassonne with 8 votes!

Settlers of Catan with 7 votes!

Splendor with 6 votes!

and Resistance with 6 votes!

This is incredibly awesome to have had so many responses to our post and we appreciate everyone’s input. I’ll post below a few of the runner ups.

Takenoko follows with 5 votes.

Pandemic follows with 4 votes.

King of Tokyo follows with 4 votes.

Lords of Waterdeep follows with 3 votes.

and Lanterns: The Harvest Festival follows with 3 votes.

We received a lot of input and wish we could post all the games suggested. A few of the games that were mentioned seem interesting and I might have to check out myself.

What I’ve gathered from this list are a few interesting points I’d like to mention. Each game listed has a unique theme accompanying each of them. Whether you are cultivating bamboo in Japan, or battling viruses across the world. The games listed value a nice variety of themes to enjoy. I’ll also like to point out each game demonstrates a very basic (or classic) take on the mechanics. Carcassonne is a fantastic example of a simple tile placement game. While Ticket to Ride defines hand management and card drafting to new players.

While all these games are innovative and introducing a completely new league of modern mechanics to nonboardgame players. They captivate the essential components necessary in order to stray the training wheels away and open the doors to new opportunities in the community.


Joseph Nicholas

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