Top 5 Solo Board Games

top 5 solo board gamesTop 5 Solo Board Games

Indietabletop has made it to another year of its solo board game post. While you may see a couple that travelled over to this post I am proud to say I was introduced to a lot of fantastic new solo board games that I felt were fantastic and well-balanced. Below is a list of five games that I feel dictate a nice strategy along with difficulty and fun. They are all great to look at, are unique in their own ways, and can offer a longevity of replay value. My top 5 solo board games.


FlipSide– An awesome solo word building card game that is great for heavy skill and high-score setting. One letter at a time, build the best words you can. With a pyramid build set-up each time you grab a new letter, the letters above to cascade down, creating the randomness of the draw as well as developing the strategy in gameplay. It is suggested this could be played cooperatively!


Hero’s Journey Home– A grand dungeon crawling experience with amazing sketch art. The journey begins after the final boss and expands on your journey back home. Fight monsters, avoid ambushes, visit shops, and hire more hero’s as you make your way back to safety. I thoroughly enjoy the single player experience in this title and love how well the randomness of the shuffled deck elaborates a fully functional dungeon crawling experience.


Friday- A very difficult yet very exciting solo survival board game. Your job as Friday (Freitag) is to help Robinson Crusoe survive his experience on the island. Though, as the game progresses you will find Robinson is not the brightest and unfortunately, as the in-game times goes on, only worsens with age. On your turn, you will be defeating hazards through a deck building experience. hoping to trash the bad cards and relying on the luck of the draw to secure the better of the cards.


Slowquest Quest 1– The first of the collection of zines printed out from Bodie Hartley. It’s a choose your own adventure experience through the Goblin Guard. with 30 pages, run through a couple scenarios and hope to receive the best outcome as you make decisions and flip pages. I felt this was a nice experience for $5 and am excited to watch my zine collection fill. Not to mention the sketch art is fantastic.


Flip City– While not built for a solo-only experience. The solo variant is one of my favorites and elicits a great deal of strategy as your draw deck slowly begins to disintegrate (be removed from play) as you are building your deck and trying to win the game. Winning is simple: collect 8 victory points in one turn before the supply runs out (unless you win through the convenience store). It’s quick to learn, easy to play, and a lot of fun.



Joseph Nicholas

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