Top 5 Horror Board Games

top 5 solo board gamesTop 5 Horror Board Games

With Halloween approaching, I felt it only necessary to break out the flashlight and dim the lights. This list will provide players with a spooky experience as well as a unique one. Each game below has a unique experience tied in with a theme that will definitely have you on the egde of your seat. Hopefully, you find some of these games to seem exciting and will want to experience it for yourself coming this October 31st. Below are my top 5 horror board games


top 5 horror board games Endangered Orphans– is a brilliant design of anticipation, dark art, and the travels of little Orphans in a grim little world. Throughout the game, you will be finding these little guys running into the worst luck as they will be having their stuff stolen, will be lost among the cove, and unfortunately, running into the boogeyman. I love the slow burning fear of running into the monster himself, each turn could potentially be your last. Travel cautiously and be the last orphan standing.


top 5 horror board gamesFerox– You are a film crew crash landing on an undocumented island. Little do you and your crew know, this island is inhabited by natives of several tribes–no, not one of these tribes are happy to see you here. Survive the gruesome events of the island, avoiding cannibals, and building the best deck to stay alive and get out. One the flip side, (player 2) your island is being invaded by a team of invaders, what do they want with your island? Does it matter? They are fresh meat.


top 5 horror board gamesDead of Winter– A collection of underserved heroes survive the apocalyptic setting of a little colony overrun by zombies. You will take control of a small pack of humans, collecting resources, protecting the innocent, and fighting off hordes of flesh-eating monsters. This board game for 2- 5 players has a variety of options to either increase or decrease gameplay time and is built around a lore which will be uncovered as you play. This is one of my goto’s if I am looking for a fun and long experience.


top 5 horror board gamesBomb Squad– While not tailored behind a spooky theme. Bomb Squad has us race against the clock to protect POW’s and to deactivate any live bombs around the premise. No matter if you are a two man squad or a team of six; these live bombs only live for a short moment so make sure the actions you all take can develop a successful run. Similar to the mechanics of Hanabi, you all cannot see your cards but can only give clues to your team about what their cards are. With the hopefulness of relying on your team, play cards that move the bomb vehicle to rescue victims, deactivate bombs and open up doors.


top 5 horror board gamesOne Night Ultimate Werewolf– A party game that throws in the horrors of the werewolf hunt to a party setting. You are given a role (whether you are a werewolf, a citizen, a hunter, and more) and after a brief narrative of actions each player can take–may or may not still be the role you were initially assigned. What will be happening is each player will have their eyes closed, the narrator (a handy experience off of the companion app) will call out each player’s role and have them follow the roles action. After every player has taken an action, the player’s will then begin the werewolf hunt. I love how thrilling the hunt can feel after each round. You are pretty much blindly relying on your instincts to track down the werewolf and having him killed. But for all you know, maybe you were the werewolf the whole time?



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