Top 5 Card Games 2016

top 5 card games 2016Indietabletop has reached the end of 2016 playing some very impressive and valuable card games. While a lot of these have been reviewed and may have made it over to other top 5 posts, these games I felt sum up the impressive experiences seen this year in card games.  Below is a list of five games that I feel dictate a nice strategy along with difficulty and fun. They are all great to look at, are unique in their own ways, and can offer a longevity of replay value. My Top 5 Card Games 2016.


The Grimwoodtop 5 card games 2016– The Grimwood card game is a fantastic card game that I would highly recommend owning. The combination of being easy to learn and portable makes this a go-to for outings. I’d rate this 5/5 for being a good gateway as it takes no more than 2 minutes to learn and it doesn’t rely on heavy mechanics or a lot of components to play–so there is no learning curve and not a lot to need to explain (never playing 5 tribes with my mother. ever. ever. again). Would I recommend it? AB-SOUL-LOOT-LEE


Fisticuffstop 5 card games 2016– This Fisticuffs card game is flawless. I think each card is directed to create a nice balance to the gameplay. I felt that the characters were all interesting in their own way and are accessorized with a nice flavoring of back story. The gameplay is quick, fun, and shockingly strategic. Like I stated earlier, this is a knockout game I enjoy and I’d bring to every table. I want to say it is possible to play a 2 player variant by having a team of two players, but is fun with the stated amount (3-5). the interaction you’ll find with this is fantastic because of the battling component. The artwork is there, the theme is there, the engagement is there. 10/10 I can’t see why not. Even my brother wants to play it again (he NEVER wants to play games with me *sad face).


top 5 card games 2016Endangered Orphans- I said I’d touch up on the mentioned earlier so here it is. This isn’t just a game about player elimination and winning. This is a game about unfolding the mysteries over at the orphanage. This is about watching this interactive experience unfold. Seeing which Orphans fall first and who survives this horror of a Culdesac. Sure, we control an orphan and we hope the other orphans fail (so sad), but I don’t see these orphans as enemies, rather falling into some sad uncontrollable events. I thought that was a really cool way to look at the game and definitely made the experience more immersive. I do find the three-player experience an interesting choice instead of four. But I can see why, the turns can take a while and with four players I could see the games pacing fall short. However, I do find the game is exciting and will always ask for “one more go” after the end. What I appreciated the most was the boogeyman anticipation of flipping over an AoD card.  Even after I personally lost, watching my opponents flip those over was so frightening. Man, I was very happy to be able to try this one out.


top 5 card games 2016Dale of Merchants 2- Surpassing the original, this card game introduces brand new animal roles to the world of Dale of Merchants. This is a game that incorporates multiple strategies to thread into the win condition. You’ll buy cards, set up shop, and use abilities in order to build eight sets with an increasing value from one to eight for victory. I find this is great for any amount of players, however, with more players means more animal types involved which is always exciting. Each animal type introduces a new strategy whether you play aggressively, passively, or thievingly. Definitely necessary for the top 5 card games of 2016.


top 5 card games 2016Battlegoats– Battelgoats truly creates an immersive battle field. Whether your game lasts 5 minutes or 20 minutes you’ll always want more. I played twice in a row and then I left so someone else could have a try–but I wanted more! The artwork draws you in, the gameplay is so simple to learn and so easy to get down, the battling is fun, and it’s capable of holding up to six players! Getting knocked out isn’t the end of the world because most of the time it means you’ll have minutes to wait before you are setting up your next game. nine out of ten because it’s array of strategies, it’s cycling of abilities, it’s a unique experience, and it’s just an all around great game for anyone.




Joseph Nicholas

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Indietabletop. Communication major. Favorite mechanics include: Bluffing and Deduction, modular boards, and action point allowance. Favorite video game genres are Rpgs, Puzzles games, and Sim/Tycoons.

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