Top 5 Best New Board Games 2016

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Since I’ve done a best new board games of games from 2016. I thought I’d do a best new board games post for games up to 2016. These are strictly biased and are solely based off games I’d play over everything else at the current moment. So while these may change (even in the next month or so), I wanted to jot them down for now. These are board games I’ve played in the last month and will continue to play for the coming months (hopefully). So below are my Top 5 Best New Board Games 2016.

Top 5 Best New Board Games 2016

pic2582929_tCodenames delivers to us a whole new concept of rival strategy. Two teams face off identifying cards laid out in front of them through one-word clues. These one-word clues can identify 1- as many words as they can that are tied to your teams color. Avoid your opposing color and of course the assassin. Personally? I think this has become one of my favorite go-to’s for new players, experienced players, quick play, and all around fun. (the 2 player variant is just as fun as the team play).

Players 2- 8, Time 15 minutes, Ages 14+



pic2576399_t7 Wonders Duel pits 2 players against each other collecting resources, channeling the economy, and reigning in Wonder construction. A player can win 7 Wonders Duel by either reaching your opponents capitol, collecting 6 of 7 science symbols, or acquiring the most points by the end of the game. This introduces a new 2 player strategy and a reiteration to an already fantastic board game.

Players 2, Time 30 minutes, Ages 10+



astrology zodiac signs and board gamesDead of Winter impresses one of the best survival horror game concepts and mechanics thus far. It’s a semi- cooperative experience pitting you and other against a horde of zombies, attackers, and potential threatening players. Each player, while collectively working to survive, each have their own unique goal in order to win. Collect resources, food, gas, and fight off zombies before getting over run. I’d found this is one of my favorites for sure, especially because of how much depth and story this game has.

Players 2- 5, Time 60+ minutes, Ages 12+



pic2728951_tThe Grimwood is a card game that is simply, easy to learn and easy to play. I found myself always carrying this title around and introducing it to anyone who is down to play it. It’s simplicity makes it available for both novices and experienced players being the artwork is grabbing and the nudge of strategy keeps the game fresh. Throughout the game you will be collecting cards in order to create sets based off the predetermined set selections. They will grant you points which toward the end will be counted for the win. Supernaturals are cards (that can still be collected as a set) that offer an action text that can be used to help yourself or hinder your opponents. Being a brand new game this year, I’d think this is one of those best new board games 2016

Players 2- 6 , Time 30 minutes, Ages 12+

Publishing soon


pic2538939_tLuna is one of my favorite worker placements because of how unique it is compared to the rest of it’s categorized titles. Each worker doesn’t act as a means to collect a first hand resource to win at all, I’d say they are more third hand involved with winning. Each worker offers some type of help in a way to boost your winnings. Collecting boats, moving your meeples toward the priestess castle, bribing guards, swimming to different islands–all ways your meeples help, without giving you points. I think it’s fantastically balanced and excitingly strategic. I know that may seem a bit enthusiastic but I can’t express enough how interesting this game is. Beautiful theme, great concept, and a whole new experience of worker placing.

Players 1- 4, Time 45 minutes, Ages 12+




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