Top 5 Asmadi Games Board Games

top 5 solo board games

Top 5 Asmadi Games Board Games

Top 5 Asmadi Games Board Games will feature five games that I feel do a great job representing the goals and experiences shared through playing games published by Asmadi Games. These games are not like most because of unique mechanics, abilities, and development choices. I’ve always enjoyed throwing one of these peculiar experiences into gamenight because of how different they play from the rest. With games using the Mottainai board mechanic to their brand new One Deck Dungeon dice rolling experience. I hope you enjoy.

Mottainai is a board game I feel is absolutely necessary for this post because of how strategic, hard to learn, and unique this game plays from everything else. This game has each player as an acolyte for a Buddhist temple creating works to display and sell to visitors. These works are completed through collecting material. Once a work is completed they will then be placed in your gallery in order to inspire new helpers for your tasks or will be placed in your gift shop to make some sales. To win the game, be the first player to pace down 5 works in either your gallery or your gift shop. The Asmadi bit of this game is the multiple use cards allowing players to decide whether they want to score points, get more actions, build, play, draw, and so forth. Yeah, this game is still hard to remember how to play.


Red 7 is a game about always winning by the end of your turn. The game play itself is really simple–The actions you are able to take include play a card from your hand face up in your palette, discard a card from your hand to the Canvas to change the current rule, or play a card from your hand to your Palette and then discard a card to the Canvas. The game is nice to look at, it’s quick and easy to learn, it’s unique and veryTop 5 Asmadi Games Board Games material. The Asmadi thing about this card game is just how unique the gameplay is. Needing to always win in this micro card game is just something I haven’t seen done before.


Heat is an uncooperative heist game for three players or more. You want the most money after a series of heist rounds. Each round players will draft and play cards simultaneously from their hand, activating the actions in order of cards labeled A to the cards labeled C. It’s aesthetically Saul Bass inspired artwork, It’s semi-cooperative yet opponent only gameplay, and it’s ability to really throw the game on an 180 strategy and gameplay make this an experience worth checking out. While this may not be the most Asmadi game out there, it’s a lot of fun for those looking for a great heisting themed game (like I was when I stumbled across it).


One Deck Dungeon is a new addition to the Asmadi list of games. It’s a one to two player cooperative dungeon crawling card game featuring dice, monsters, and bosses. The use of the defeated monsters makes this very Asmadi as you need to decide what is more important to upgrade, your abilities, your level, or your skills which all help you dive deeper into the dungeons of One Deck Dungeon. My favorite part, all the playable characters are female showing us we don’t need to keep pushing the gender stereotypes of heroic warriors! Woo!


Adorable Pandaring is an ever changing goal card game by the one and only on this post, Asmadi Games. I love this game because of how quick it can play and how different the early game and end game can turn out. Players are looking to collect bamboo, however, bamboo can only be collected when someone matches the current panda law, which always changes. Once done players with the most adorable pandas (based on the law at the moment) will get points. Simple, but very fun.




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