Top 5 more games from Origins 2019 I want to own

This year we saw some really exciting new games hitting the tables this year (and reaching into next). In this post I’ll talk about 5 games I am extremely excited about that I want more people to check out! A goal of mine this year was to try out some new games with mechanics I don’t use as often–so I’ll try to find a nice unique game to put into this list as well. For a full list of games that came from Origins:

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Pipeline– By far a game I am very excited to show to some of my game groups. I think what I love the most is the engine system with the simple rulebook. You would be surprised how easy this game is to play from the look of it. Simply collect the most money through building an oil pipeline, refining your oil, and growing your business over the course of 3 years.


CABO– Originally coming out in 2010, this classic has seen a change in artwork and some of the mechanics in the game. To put it easily, This is a game similar to golf–lowest score wins. In CABO, players are swapping, spying, and peeking their four cards in order to rearrange down to a lower number than their opponents. When they feel confident in that they yell, Cabo. I feel like I’d consider it a distant cousin to all the meta card games for some reason (hanabi, okey dokey, the mind).


AEGIS– This tactical battle game is interesting to me, I don’t play this genre very often but for some reason I was drawn to this one. In Aegis players build and battle an army of robots chosen by yourself from a pool of well over 50 robots. Some of the robots can combine to create stronger robots. The player who is last standing is the winner.

High Rise

High Rise is a city building board game that uses a time track for movement. Collect tiles and resources, build towers with the tiles, and grow your corruption to gain the upper hand. This game is relatively full with a lot of content to play with. Worker placement is the core mechanic for gathering resources; so think you’re corrupt enough to build a city?

Wreck Raiders

Wreck Raiders is way up there in terms of games I want to own. Kids Table BG has always published games that hit the table a lot because of it’s accessibility and with Wreck Raiders looking like their heaviest game–It’s still another game I anticipate will always his the table. With Wreck Raiders players are fulfilling orders through dice rolling and area management. When you roll, the number on the dice will open up a number on the board for your meeple to fill up. Earn the most coins for your exhibits, aqauriaums, and vaults to win!


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