Titan Series: Nine Calliope Games, Three Every Year!

Titan-Series-Banner-600-FundedTitan Series: Nine Calliope Games, Three Every Year!

This seems like very exciting news for those who have backed the project  and are anxiously waiting for the games to be delivered, and those who may just now be hearing about it–if the latter keep reading, if the former, also keep reading.

This is a project that is bringing together some of the biggest designers in our community. Names like Eric Lang, Zach Weisman, and so much more are all trying their hand at delivering one of the nine games by Calliope. Now, being Calliope we are looking at some casual family-friendly titles coming out for us to try. So, no, we aren’t getting a Demon Soul card game yet (Eric, is that something you may want to make, though?), what we are looking at are fun games full of unique themes like Running with the Bulls or Hive Mind. Games that bring together new players and are enjoyable for everyone. With each designer comes one of the nine games being developed. There are a few images out of a couple of the finished board games from the Titan Series, and were available for play at Origins and will be available at Gen Con. Below is Running with the Bulls.


For more information on the Titan Series, follow their blog.


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