Tiny Epic Western: A Tiny Revived Genre

tiny epic western

I’m sure I’m not the only one who finds western games are less than commodified these past few decades. We’ve have had a few gems like Red Dead Redemption and Django, but why is it this genre doesn’t see more light? I think the wild west salutes some of the greatest experiences and stories across most genres. Spaghetti Westerns and revolver stand offs have always been widely interesting.

This town ain’t’ big enough for the both of us, no really, Gamelyn Games has announced a new story to the Tiny Epic series– The Wild West. Stake your claim by gambling your alliances with the powerful bosses on this side of the west. In Tiny Epic Western, gain influence through law, money, and force you will be able to gain powerful abilities and influence to be the next power boss of the wild wild west.

Tiny Epic Western has a great balance between a poker game play and worker placement mechanics. The game is played over a series of rounds. You will be dealt poker cards between locations where you’ll be playing members of your mob. This will give an action and count as a bid for the valuable resources available at that location. Players will also get a poker card of their own which uses adjacent cards to form a three-card hand. Resources, gun fights, and bonus points seem promising and definitely peak my interest. Tiny Epic Western will be on kickstarter January 11th, can run from 2- 4 players, and hopefully will be the snowball that picks up momentum for the wild west theme in board gaming,


Joseph Nicholas

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