Ticket to Ride United Kingdom? All aboard!

As a 15 year old male American back in the day, I had a huge interest in the culture of the U.K. From awfully imitated accents to The Beatles–I’ve done it all. What else can I admit about my child life? I’ve always been fascinated with Trains. Ticket to Ride, by Days of Wonder introduces a fifth installment to the Ticket To Ride map collection series. Ticket To Ride United Kingdom offers a double sided map, new trains, and technology cards which will allow players to develop their technology level. Can someone put the tea on the kettle before I put the T on the rain… Cricket (ooo, a double entendre)

One of the boards’¬†sides in this game will be designed for 2- 4 players and includes 116 new train cards, 57 UK destinations, and 46 technology cards. The Pennsylvania map is designed for 2- 5 players and invludes 50 Tickets and 60 Stock Shares cards. This game will be introducing itself at the Essen Fair in October and, like the other map installments, will be an exciting installment to Ticket to Ride. It will be avaialble through the US webstore and in game stores through out the rest of the world mid-November. Source



Joseph Nicholas

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