Think Tank U

Game: Think Tank UCC8KSchUMAAkArv

Players: 4+


We’ve all had an experience with party games lately with this surge of new party games coming out. Whether it’s Apples to Apples, Cards Against Humanity, or Superfight, We’ve been there and done that. I find it interesting how saturated that genre has become with renditions of those three top-dogs masked in different shapes and sizes. But never has a game had me experience so many emotions in a minute or less. A game so funny, that during the game, my group had to take a break from pulling cards and just appreciate the fabrication of our minds.  I had to voice my interest in this game for developing the cure to overused and no-longer-funny cards. An opportunity to create our OWN answers. This is Think Tank U.

Think Tank U is a 4 or more player party game of ideas and spices that we must define in under a minute. With descriptions for new apps, and specified words to tactically engage your opponents; this game is the Tesla to party games. Innovative answers to keep the consistency of its youth and fun. Think Tank U sets up one of your players as a CEO, who will be the ultimate decider, after the mini quarrels among everyone else, on which cards answers provides the best (or funniest) description to the cards chosen by the CEO. The game could honestly go on for hours and can hustle a great amount of time, for no matter the group size. 60f736f21a1e5785b057c57d5c0d122f_original

I love the minimal take on these cards as they are nice to look at and are not overbearing with flavor text. The cards trim offers easy-on-the-eye colors representing content specifics, light blue for movies, mute purple for apps, and the spices take a inverse approach by having the color meet the inside of the cards rather than the trim. The game is to the point an permeates an aroma of fun to reel in new players. It’s easy to play and way too much fun.73e6569f1f9bfbbde6e550d139e3e422_original


Joseph Nicholas

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Indietabletop. Communication major. Favorite mechanics include: Bluffing and Deduction, modular boards, and action point allowance. Favorite video game genres are Rpgs, Puzzles games, and Sim/Tycoons.