The Little Prince board game

the little princeThe Little Prince

This modular based board game is inspired by the 2015 film The Little Prince and 1943 hit book The Little Prince, which has seen much success including a statue built in 2007 in Hakone, Japan.

In the game you play as a pilot as you are on your way to visit The Little Prince in the stars. This journey puts you against your opponents who will try to reach the prince first and with the most stars in order to win. The collection of stars and the movement through cards makes The Little Prince a fun and a friendly competitive experience.

The game comes equipped with 8 cardboard pieces that make up the board, 18 story tiles, telescope tokens, over 20 star tokens, and a token for each player. The artwork is an invisioned dream on cardboard.  Along with the plane player tokens, this game creates this fantastic world of adventure and experience through the story telling medium of cardboard tiles.

the little prince

The gameplay is simple and the design helps move the story along. Everyone starts with the same hand and each hand correlates with a specific “aviator” color including: 1,2×2,3×2,4×2,5. On your turn you will play these cards and move up to how many clouds (on the board) the card says. Construct a route of the 8 tiles to make your board with the Little Prince’s planet being last. Set up 4 face down and 2 face up story tiles along the cloud barrier. These will be collected when crossed. Player with the most stars wins!

All in all, this game is an immediate classic with impressive point to point movement and set collection mechanics integrated with the story telling design.



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