The Hare and the Tortoise Racing Review

 Game: The Hare and the Tortoise Player: 2- 5
 Publisher: Iello Time: 20+
 Age: 7+ Replayability: 9/ 10

the hare and the tortoiseThe Hare and the Tortoise

When it comes to racing games, I don’t have many of them. In fact, I would say I have two (this and Formula D). But when it comes to game night, this is a must have. It’s equally available for all ages and accessible for all player types. The Hare and the Tortoise is a great way to pass the time with a light-hearted board game that isn’t too demanding. Players are dealt a star character that they want to win, and are given an option for their second winner. It’s simple, on your turn you will play cards from your hand of seven of one animal type. The player will rotate clockwise and will take the same action, you can have out up to four of each animal out on the field. Once this happens, it triggers the racing! Animals will begin movement based on how many of each card is in play. Each animal has their own specific requirements to moving through the race track and I feel does a great job keeping each animal balanced. For example, the Hare can run two, but can’t move if they are in first place. The turtle will always move, unless the wolf howls. The wolf moves one but does have opportunity to stop everyone else from movie. The sheep moves quickly but has to stop to drink water.

the hare and the tortoiseMy Experience

I have played this way too many times and I love it. I’ll typically choose my second winner to be the turtle because from the many times I’ve played, I know that the turtle will always win something and the wolf never wins. I’ll talk about my most recent experience when I had both the turtle and the sheep. The five of us (plus a novice player who has never played before), began our adventure pushing the hare to move first. Since it was already in first place (they move in a specific order), the hare did not move. Right away, after a few turns I could tell who else wanted the turtle and the sheep to win. I felt that we shared a bit of a connection between knowing we both had the same winners.

Our strategy was to push the sheep as fast as we could to get it passed the rivers. Luckily, I had drawn all the (3) wolf howl cards so I felt I could use it to my advantage to prevent the movement of everyone else. If I saw too many fox cards or hare cards, I’d toss a wolf card knowing that the wolf will only move once. In the end, we were able to push the turtle to first place followed right behind by the sheep. Third place was taken by the hare but that didn’t matter to me because I was able to clock in eight points! Unfortunately, my star card was the sheep while my opponent who also wanted the turtle and the sheep to win had the turtle as their star card giving him the victory.

the hare and the tortoiseFinal Thoughts

The Hare and the Tortoise is perfect for any level of player and any number of players. Being it’s a race with a consistent amount of animals, the number of players only affects the outcome for the most part. A lot of the game is focused on luck of the draw and card outcomes. I would say the interaction between players is mild, a lot of the interaction comes from the shared reactions between moving animals.

I found this title to be replayable because of how quick and easy the game is. It’s provided with some fantastic 3D stands and given some awesome artwork to compliment it’s gameplay. If you’re wanting something similar, check out Camel Up.

You will like this game if you’re a fan of racers. It’s based on the Hare and the Tortoise story so it may have that nostalgic implementation. I also think if you’re looking for some light-hearted this is perfect.

You will not like this game if you’re expecting something a little heavier. If you’re wanting a racer I’d suggest Formula D because it’s less focused on relaxed gameplay and more focused on strategy.



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