The Bug Butcher

Game: The Bug ButcherThe Bug Butcher

Developer: Awfully Nice Studios

Release Date: July 20th, 2015

Anarchy? Sounds like my party! The Bug Butcher is a beautiful  arcade style fixed shooter video game. Avoid bugs of all sorts and size with Ol’Reliable your trusty plasma rifle. The games gameplay is pretty easy to break down. Large bugs split into at least two, until you’ve broken the enemy down to their smallest size (usually a colored sphere). Throughout each level you can enjoy many upgrades and powerups. You can ruin many lives using weapons such as: Violent Betty the gattling gun, The Judge beam cannon, or the Rocket Launcher named The Diplomat. There are also some homaing rockets, boosts, flare upgrades, and splatter burst shots to really get the reckless bug butchering going. Tactically maneuver your butcher left or right on the platform as you destroy all the bugs.

What is great about Bug Butcher is it’s leaderboards. I’ve always been a huge fan of leaderboard options because the non-aggressive competition of scores and speed runs make a game fun without feeling turned off by the stress. There is a charm to being able to pace my high scores as my only aggressive competitor is myself. The anymosity and tallied scores of a leaderboard impress a whole lot of challenge and replay value versus real time competition. Bug Butcher follows suit by offering you an option to beat your own scores and view the available up to date leaderboard of the game.The Bug Butcher

The Bug  Butcher does what most games tend to forget, it hides the tutorial within the game. I’m sure it’s hard for a developer to tangle the tutorial up in the gameplay in order to immerse the player to the fullest. The Bug Butchers vision was to create a modern arcade shooter that sticks to the roots of 80’s shooter games, while incorporating modern day technique. As we are introduced to our protagonist Harry, we soon come to learn that target practice will have to be translated through coffee cups because the security team has reached an “early retirement”(I.e. the developers wll now introduce you to the controls). It was well placed and I commend the company for not breaking character in order to get us ready for the game. Visually, the game has it. The crisp color aligned with the zany graphics are so in tune with the theme It will come off as a triple A indie title. Awfully Nice Studios knows their craft and executes it humbly in this game. The music seems to fit location very well. The introduction to the game midly whispers ambiance to the player as you grow in touch with your character. While the levels, assuming you’ve had time to acquant yourself with The Butcher, grows impatient, as you rely on Ol’ Reliable to make it to the end.

As an Early Access game you can enjoy the arcade move offered to players. In the coming months we can enjoy a two more modes as The Bug Butcher approaches it’s release.


Joseph Nicholas

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