Tasty Minstrel Games

Tasty Minstrel Games

I have raved about Tasty Minstrel Games in every single TMG game that I’ve reviewed, and for good reason. TMG give you a flawless walk through of many of the most vital mechanics in tabletop. From deck building, to resource management, and even worker placement–the list of mechanics that TMG introduces to you are seemingly endless. I’ve been playing tabletop games for almost a year now, and I am glad to say that TMG has given me a taste of each important mechanic in their games.

As a novice player I find it extremely important to bring me back to the basics: tell me exactly what I need to do, and how it is that I need to do it. Too often, I find games that get so bogged down by other details that I find myself lost for an entire 2 rounds. Although it seems trivial to have to play 2 rounds before understanding a game, I find myself rather spoiled by the ease at which Tasty Minstrel Games provides me each time I play one of their games.

You want to learn how to play a deck building game? Play Flip City or Cthulu Realms. Resource management?  Try Gold West. Press your luck? Dungeon of Fortune. Worker placement? Give Harbour a spin. The possibilities of Tasty Minstrel Games are endless, and I suspect they will continue to push games at this standard for the long haul.

My personal interactions with TMG have only been through social media, but there is something to say about a company that will respond to nearly every single comment or post. Although this could seem like a small feat, these little interactions are HUGE to someone like myself. As someone that’s worked in customer service for a little less than 5 years, it’s really those little things that matter. Ever go to a restaurant and never have to leave asking for a refill because your cup was always been refilled? It’s like that, but on an entirely larger scale. There’s something rather Tasty Minstrel Gamesrefreshing about a company that cares about their community–it’s contagious and I don’t mind getting a whiff of what TMG is all about.

The artwork in Tasty Minstrel Games has a hold over me that I simply cannot explain. Every single game, as dynamic as they are, remain in that realm of TMG aesthetic. In my previous haul of TMG’s games, you find meeples that are custom shaped and colored to fit the theme of the game. No longer are you faced with the quintessential meeple shape (not that I don’t adore those little guys), but you are able to play as a air ship in Kings of Air and Steam, a trader in Harbour, and a miner in Gold West. Once again, it’s the little details that really win you over.

I’m sure by this time I’ve become a broken track record over my support of Tasty Minstrel Games, but I wanted to give you all some insight on what to expect when you purchase a game with that cute little Dargon TMG stamp of approval. You are in for a treat and will leave wanting more. Contagious, I tell you.


Stephanie Am

Produces art in the form of food. Favorite mechanics include bluffing and deduction, set collection , point to point movement, and tile placement. Favorite video game genre is Puzzle games.

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