Tasty Minstrel Games Promotions List

Tasty Minstrel Games Promotions List

Tasty Minstrel Games, as you are all aware, is one of our most fond publishers as stated in this post here. We are a relatively big fan of this team of individuals. They publish innovative and easy to learn board games both in big and small boxes. But, there is a tasty treat we find in some of their titles that make us really appreciate them as a brand. Whether this be a fantastic marketting approach to board gaming or an awesome gift for purchasing their game; with your typical TMG title, you may find promotions of other games within the box. I’ve looked online hoping to gather the info I need to be able to collect them all but was unable to find a post listing all the possible exclusives and promotions within these games. So I figured, I’d begin the list of promotional exclusives within each Tasty Minstrel Game. Now, I’ll admit right now, whether I have an older rendition of a game or do not own one of the titles, I may miss some. So I would love it if you own one of the games and have a promotion hidden inside to leave a comment giving us the details so we can add it to this list. I figure, as a community we can help everyone find the promotions they need/want for all their gaming needs/wants.

Below I’ll begin listing out titles of the Tasty Minstrel Games Promotions’ exclusive, title of the game, and what it features.

Bottlecap Vikings:

  • Bandits Promo– GoldWest. Features- Insurance Office (1 point per building next to a hex that has been looted) and Hoosegow (1 point per building of any color in the wanted area).
  • Ice Viking– Harbour. Features- When any player ships goods, you may freeze one good at its current selling price. The Rest of the market resolves around the frozen good as normal.
  • Heavy Assault– Battlecruisers. Features- Take 3 STARS from each opponent.


  • Guild Promo Pack #1- Belfort. Features- Contractors Guild, Rules Lawyers Guild, Sentries’ Guild

Cthulu Realms:

  • Market Owner (Cthulu)- Harbour. Features- Before shipping goods, you may spend 1 of any good to move any one good type to the highest value position in the market, adjusting the others a necessary

Eminent Domain: Microcosm

  • Battlecruisers- Alien Artifact– Gain one card from those not used in this game. Discard this card.
  • Time Traveler– Dungeon Roll- The Time Traveller has a pre-set party rather than rolling for companions at the start of a delve.

While this may not be all Tasty Minstrel Games promotions, It’s definitely the ones we have found and listed. Again, if you know of any please feel free to leave it somewhere or contact me to get it on this list!




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