Takenoko expansion

takenoko expansion

Takenoko expansion equals. Cuter than expected.

Takenoko Chibis adds a female panda to the mix along with her 9 panda cub tokens. During the game, when you move a panda, you can move either the original bos panda or the female panda. Place the female panda with the male panda will deliver a baby. Having a baby will gift you 2 victory points, a possible bonus, and that proud moment of seeing a baby panda cub.

The Takenoko expansion offers new unique tiles including: Celestial Pond (which acts as the orginal starting pond, but can be played anywhere when drawn), Kamis Garden (the wild tile, growing all 3 bamboo), Secred Hills (which grows bamboo on all matching color tiles), Gardeners Cabin (draw an objective card from each deck).

We will also see new objective cards added to the game. Objective cards are interesting. Sometimes I can never get rid of certain cards that have been with me all game. The objective just sat in my possession with no motive or drive to be an active member of it’s community. Now with the Takenoko expansion, baby tokens can swap out objective cards!

As a fan of Takenoko, and a believer that Takenoko is one of the best gate-way games out there. Dress up that vanilla board game with this new Takenoko expansion. Bringing to the game new tiles, objectives, and brand new experience. takenoko expansion


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