Steg and Rex: War. War Never changes

Game: Steg and Rex

Developer: JmakeGames

Player: 2

Genre: Local 2 player Arena Fighter


Steg and Rex is one of the most impressive local 2 player arena fighter of minimal mechanics and incredibly simple designs. What I mean by this is that Steg and Rex is a game that relies completely on the fundamentals of it’s presentation– It’s a game at it’s purest. 4 keys and 1 keyboard delivering a multitude of fun between you and one other player. Simple additions such as, the platforms number stamps, or the changing seasons really expose the attention to detail and promise to good gaming.

This game sets up two silent protagonists on a mission to hatch the most baby dinosaurs. Our protagonists are, Stegasauras and T Rex. With eggs in both of theri baskets, It’s safe to assume 4  was never enough. jump, race, and stampede toward your opponents nest and steal their eggs before the timer runs out. With themed levels and extremely cute pixels, this game definitely makes something from nothing. Silent protagonsist with huge stories to tell, This game speaks volumes on how important designing a sturdy foundation is before laying down the makeup. screenshot3

Steg and Rex is a 16bit piece that parallels to a 16bit track. The dinos are sculpted well and resemble the dinosaurs they were intended for. The themes create dynamic but offer comfort relying on similarly built platform levels that are familiar to the mechanics. This game benefits in directing us back to 1keyboard type gaming which in turn leads to great local multiplayer fun.

You can find the game HERE.


Joseph Nicholas

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