Stay Out of my Dungeon Review

 Game: Stay Out of my Dungeon Players: 2- 6
 Publisher: 2 Handsome Games Time: 45 minutes
 Age: 12+ Replayability: 6.7/10

stay out of my dungeon Stay Out of my Dungeon Review

Worker Placement has not seen or heard the presence of my losses in quite some time. I am not sure if I just don’t own enough worker placements games or if the groups I play with have focused on lighter experiences. I remember Lords of Waterdeep was my very first worker placement and my second modern board game. But how cool would Lords of Waterdeep be if we could have been cooperatively fighting enemy forces and if we could have built the strength of the locations on the board like the Blacksmith tower and Castle Waterdeep? Stay out of my Dungeon does just that. While we don’t have resources managing our purchases or completing objectives, we do have meeples fighting enemies and protecting our locations. We are goblins all trying to protect our land. We need to severe the moats, traps, and artillery fending off foes and invaders. Our goblins can level up the armory or head to the goblin ward in case we are in pain. Stay out of my Dungeon is an original concept with an interesting twist on gameplay. The rules (I don’t have a complete version of the rules) was a bit difficult to run through but there is a walkthrough available on youtube that is concise. The game has your goblins protecting your locations until someone has completed their secret loyalty objection. Yes, there is a spy in the game.

stay out of my dungeonMy Experience

I played this with one other player. Originally, we did find it a bit difficult to grasp the concept of the game so we had to postpone our playtest until we were able to watch the video tutorial (big help). We set up our locations and chose our goblin player along with a loyalty card. I was the green goblin (no relation to Mr. Spidey) and my loyalty was in production, I won when all the locations were fully developed. So, I drew myself and my friend five action cards and we began our game. I had the Bag of Locusts which allowed me to discard this weapon at any time to deal 2 damage to each raid and 1 damage to each player at the location I am at. I moved my goblin to the moat (so did my friend) and I also placed one construction card on the moat location after drawing an invader card. I need to have over 7 construction point sin order to be rewarded with 3 action cards.

Next turn our goal was to protect our trap so I moved over to the trap and my friend moved back to the moat (Yes, I was very curious what his loyalty was too). In order to have the trap location level up we need someone to stay here for two turns, which I did. I defeated the invader using my weapon and was proud to have protected my lands. My friend also defeated an invader who found his way to the moat.

In the end, my friend won the game by completing his loyalty card. His loyalty was being selfish–if he collected a reward card off three locations (which is granted by being at the location when the location levels up to the max) he won.

stay out of my dungeonFinal Thoughts

I personally found there was a lot going on and many things bunched together into a single game. While it was all functional I feel some of the components could have been removed or less complicated. I also feel the locations are huge and could have been sized smaller for convenience. Aside from that, the game is interesting and like I said earlier, is a fun worker placement semi-cooperative, building game. It’s not very directly interactive however, the game doesn’t fail from that, it works quite nicely. The pacing is directed to us on a reference sheet and runs smooth rounds along with valuing simultaneous actions.

You will like this game if you want a new take on worker placement and secret identities.

You will not like this game if you don’t want to worry about too much going on at once.


Joseph Nicholas

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