Star Wars Rebellion: Fantasy Flight Games Preview

Star Wars Rebellion

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star wars rebellion

With the release of Star Wars The Force Awakens today I felt it only necessary (and to express my admiration) to talk about Star Wars Rebellion by Fantasy Flight Games. Coming early 2016 (speculatex Feb or April) 2- 4 players will either be controlling the Galactic Empire or seeking vengeance as the Rebel Alliance. With over 3 hours of game time, you and your opponents will run notable leaders through the Star Wars series to rally help, attempt missions, find yourself in combat, and command troops to hinder your opposition.

Every round you will gain resources from the loyal world’s who will offer more to your cause. This will result in  recruiting more troops and building more starships. As the Empire, you rely on your military power to destroy the Rebel base. As the Rebellion, ally planets, command troops, and survive long enough to cause a full-scale revolt. Asymmetrical game play exists between the Rebels allying planets and conserving your small military, and for tactical battles and the Empire taking advantage of their military advantage. Basically, I want this. Sourcestar wars rebellion

A few other interesting elements brought to us are leader tokens. The beginning empire offers us leaders such as Palpatine, Vader, Tagge, or Tarkin while the Rebellion leads us with Rieekan, Leia, Mothma, and Dodonna. Throughout the game we are recreating the epic journey of Star Wars, through heroes (or villains). As the Empire, shortening Rebel forces increases your power. As you subjugate wrested planets from the Rebellion, you can decrease their control. Our rebellions, while decreasing the empires size is vital, your missions aren’t out for blood. You’ll be capturing points,  destroying objects, and gaining loyalty among the galaxy. Each mission needs a leader, military needs a direction, and all combat needs courage. Decide the fate of the Star Wars trilogy.


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