Star Wars Launch Bay

star wars launch bay

Today, November 16th, 2015, I was able to experience the first day of the Star Wars Launch Bay at Disneyland! I’ve mentioned in an earlier post what to be expecting from Disney in these next few months involving Star Wars, and the day has finally arrived! As the excitement of Star Wars The Force Awakens builds up for the December 18th release, I just had to indulge in Disneyland’s Star Wars experience as soon as it opened. Disneyland’s Star Wars attractions include: Hyperspace Mountain, Star Wars Launch Bay, Star Tours, and Star Wars Path of the Jedi.

star wars launch bayBelow may be spoilers to some of you for the rides and attractions at Disneyland. So please, direct yourself somewhere else in case you’d like to experience this for yourself. Otherwise, enjoy!

Hyperspace Mountain, which replaces Space Mountain for the moment, was an interesting one. From the outside, Space Mountain has had a sign change now reading “Hyperspace Mountain” and a screen detailing the X wing and the Imperial Star Destroyer (in a foreign language). I was hoping for a bit more glamor but I figured, ” The ride is where the attraction is at”. As you travel through the ride, you ARE a fighter in a galactic space battle. Screens have been introduced displaying space ship battles. The music has been queued to match up with battle cries and words of encouragement through out your flight. There is this fantastic display of the Tie Interceptor shooting at us as we submerge a few hundred feet below it (but not really). I must say, this battle was an epic one and the journey lived up to the hype. Disney had this ride as a soft opening through out the weekend so I was able to ride it quite a star wars launch bayfew times.

Star Wars Path of the Jedi is a fantastic recap of the franchise conducted along with a few motion seats, extra lighting, and a great barrel of wind. It is now the ride that replaced Michael Jackson’s 3D simulator. It displays a great walk through of the events that have happened through out Star Wars episodes 1-6 (without being ruined by some of the events in 1-3). However, I was a bit disappointed when the preview of Star Wars The Force Awakens was nothing more than the trailer already released. If you’re expecting some exclusive content– don’t look this way. Unfortunately, 🙁

star wars launch bay

Hanging out at the Cantina! Where’s Han?

star wars launch bay

Star Wars Launch Bay was what I was truly excited for. Below I’ll have a video previewing the experience from entering to walking around the Bay. The Star Wars Launch
Bay had a few rooms available to walk around. The front two rooms had videos describing the making of Star Wars and displayed some costumes and equipment, the two following rooms were meet and greets with characters (opening day had Darth Vader and Chewbacca), there were a few more statue rooms displaying costumes and ships, a store, and my favorite room was the Cantina display, which was so great for pictures! This Bay displays all the costumes and ships seen through out the series. The store offers members a lot of great content like light sabers, republic or rebellion lamps and umbrellas, life-size models of the characters, paintings, build-your-own ships and equipment, and some great souvenirs for the die hard fans all for purchase. For an added bonus, if you follow the stairs up, you’ll enter the Marvel pad, displaying Super Hero HQ! I truly enjoyed my experience inside the Launch Bay and highly recommend checking it out if you’re in Disneyland. The wait wasn’t too bad either, although is was ridiculously cold.


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