Squirmish: Monster Fighting Card Game

 Game: Squirmish Players: 2- 4
 Publisher: Self Published Time: 30 minutes
 Age: 12+ Replayability: 8/10

squirmishSquirmish: Monster Fighting Card Game

Squirmish is a card game involving endless supply (at least until the monster deck runs dry) of monsters brawling against opponents monsters. This functional card game is quite simple to learn and a lot of fun to play. Each monster placed down needs to be adjacent to another of your monsters. Attacking consists of stating who is attacking and who they are attacking plus a dice roll to activate damage. All this is described thoroughly in the rulebook; the straightforward rules make this a playable game within minutes. Being a gamecrafter card game, the card quality is good card stock. I mean let’s be honest, who doesn’t enjoy a monster brawl?

Begin the game with five monsters and have the option to either draw a monster card, play a monster from your hand, or both. Your monster will have damage correlating with a dice roll, some dice rolls can activate specials such as Hamstacks ‘3 Damage+ 2 movement’ on a roll of 6, or the uncommon colds Ah-Chooie dealing four damage to all adjacent cards. First player to collect three victories wins.

My Experience

I began my brawling journey playing Zeebelbezub (1-5 2 damage, 6= roll again) and drawing a new card from the monster deck. My opponent played The Wee Admiral of the Sea (1-2 no effect, 3-5 2 damage, 6 3 damage and card cannot be attacked) and drew a card as well. Being my first playthrough I didn’t necessarily devise a good strategy to my decisions so I went in hot. I attacked his monster with my Zeeb, rolling a 3 and dealing 2 damage to his critter. He rebutted by playing Princess Cheese Doodle, who you will find was my worst enemy. Unfamiliar with how incredibly evil Princess was, I continued attacking The Admiral with Zeeb–another two damage. My opponent placed down Swirlyface next to his Princess and ended his turn. I played Old Man Eggplant who is part of the Garden Guard (meaning every Garden Guard in play adds an extra damage to attacks. I attacked with Zeeb, doing another two damage to Admiral and ended my turn (this is where my life was over). My opponent activated Princess’ special meaning she could rearrange damage from all monsters except for herself. Yes, It was the downfall of my entire experience–I need to find a counter. Did it ruin my game? No, I absolutely love this card game.

Final Thoughts

This is for sure a very surprising card game that I received. I did not have any expectations however I was blown away by how fun this was. It’s a high interactive brawling card game featuring a plethora of unique monsters and abilities. The learning curve is low and the rulebook is concise as stated earlier. I would play it again because of how much versatility and variety it offers. I do think the variety can come off as complex and over complicated, however, It seems to work well with this title. I would recommend this to anyone looking for an easy brawling card game.

You will like this game if you want a fun, easy, versatile card game.

You will not like this game if you’re not a fan of too much context.



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