Splittissimo: Pizza, Fractions, and Gaming

 Game: Splittissimo Players: 2- 5
 Publisher: Zoomkids Hk Time: 20 minutes
 Age: 7+ Replayability: 7.5/10


I love pizza. It’s true, I would choose pizza over any type of food at any time of the day. Splittissimo is an original concept card game about having the most pizza by the end of the stack of cards. By using fractions, you will be putting pizzas together in order to consolidate a number of cards you have with you which gives you more cards to consolidate. When you finish your turn, you will draw back up to the required amount of cards and go again when everyone has had a chance to play their cards. The rules provide four unique variants for players to choose from based on game length, difficulty, and experience. Each variant seems to be functional and provides players with great design and interesting arithmetic. Keep in mind, that this game has their variants setup in order to heighten the difficulty for gamers just beginning to use fractions.

The first variant is set up by dealing players four pizza cards each and drawing four pizza cards for the table. On your turn you will either turn in multiple pizza cards in exchange for one matching pizza card (two cards with two slices of pizza each can be exchanged for one pizza with four slices) or you can turn in a one pizza card for a variety of smaller portion cards that add up to the one you turned in. When your turn is over, draw back up to four cards. At the end of the draw deck, the player with the most pizza wins.

Another variant is using the fraction cards available with the game. These cards will provide players with a fraction number and a few toppings. Make three stacks of pizza cards and hand each player four fraction cards. On your turn, you will match up one or more fraction cards to acquire pizza cards that match with size and topping (a 1/2 mushroom topping fraction card will need a pizza card or cards that add up to four slices and must have mushrooms on it). When you have done so, draw back up to four fraction cards.  You may add a difficulty to this titles variant by penalizing players who have fraction cards left over after their turn.

splittissimoMy Experience

I played both variants with my brother and I have found them both to be super fun and easy to play. Being that this game incorporates the concept of fractions, it was nice to touch up on my quick arithmetic. I began with a 3/8 fraction card that had the mushroom topping, a 1/8 card with the tomato topping, 1/4 fraction card with mushrooms on it, and a tomato and bell pepper card. The pizza card pile I was choosing from had two 1/4 slice pizza, and a 7/8 slice pizza. I had two options, I could either use my half fraction card to grab two 1/4 slice pizza’s or I could use the 7/8 slice pizza to fulfill my 1/4 fraction card and my 3/8 fraction card. I did the latter so I could grab more fraction cards and hope for some good results after my turn was over. My  brother used his 7/8 fraction card to grab a 7/8 pizza card which was revealed after I took the 1/4 of scoring. He also was able to grab a 1/4 slice pizza with a 1/4 fraction he owned.

In the end, he took the glory by getting the right cards in order to get more points. It was luck of the draw which gave him an advantage over me. He would draw fractions that would stack pizza cards while it was me revealing these cards. I wasn’t able to make moves too often, so I would draw more fraction cards in replace of my turn. While this helped me with collecting pizzas, the few turns I missed were some of my brother’s big plays–giving him the game.

Final Thoughts

I feel splittissimo is a great card game for a hefty group of players. Adding players is definitely possible, It would make the game shorter, but it is possible.  There is limited interaction because it’ a card game where you take a turn and wait until it becomes your turn again, this does hinder pacing a bit when players take a while to figure out their fractions, but nothing major. I find this has a nice replay value because of how short the games can be and how simple the gameplay is. Sure, It’s putting fractions together, but I find that it will double up as a game and a learning experience for anyone who plays it. There is almost no setup time and with the values they put in learning, playing, and bringing a lot of people together, this title makes it worth the price. Whether you’re a kid getting down your fractions, or an adult (like me) needing a touch-up. Splittissimo blended together a good concept with a great theme.

You will like this game if you love pizza. If you’re a fan of learning games that do a good job disguising the ‘learning aspect’ of the game, you will like this.



Joseph Nicholas

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