Spill, The Icebreaker Game

 Game: Spill Time: 20 minutes
 Publisher: BINCA Players: 2+
 Age: 21+ Replayability: 6/ 10

spill party game

Spill, The Icebreaker Game

This is a truly unique party game in its design because it resembles that of a set of coasters. Whether or not this is a good design concept–I’ll get to that later. But for now, Spill is a verbal party game by BINCA games that uses a true or untrue gameplay to cards which incorporate statements and questions about personal experiences. Some examples of gameplay would be if I were to draw the top card, I would read the statement out loud saying “Currently, I have zero game apps on my phone”. I would secretly put a true card (of the true or untrue cards I have with me) with my pulled statement and wait for everyone else playing to decide whether this statement is true or untrue about me (using their true or untrue cards). Once everyone is ready, they all reveal their answer. Let’s say, my secret answer is true, like I said earlier, and two of the players guessed true but one guess false. With this in mind, the friends who were correct do not drink while the one wrong player has to take a sip and draw a spilt card. If all answers were “true” from my friends, then I would have to sip twice and draw a spilt card. If no one guessed correctly the spiller (or card drawer; me in this same example) has to convince them as to why it is the answer it is, or I’ll have to drink–if I do convince the others of why it is true and not untrue, the friends all drink. I hope that all made sense?

Final Thoughts

Like most party games, it is hard to run through a gameplay of the game without getting too monotonous or untrue to the real experience. I think this is a pretty fun game and is accessible to anyone of age and fairly new to, if ever have played, board games. This party game does what the title says and helps create huge ice breaking statement with each card and even with some of the cards I pulled for the review, I think this is very NSFW. As far as design, like I mentioned I’d talk about, I think the coaster set up is fun. However, the contents are on low-grade paper and I seem to run into trouble when I try to put the game away or try to pick them off the ground. Being the cards are circles, they tend to slide around a lot making it hard to hold on to (especially if other things are involved with the game). But with this aside, I do find this to be a pretty solid party game that can hold up to the test next to other leading name party games.


Joseph Nicholas

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