Speakeasy board game

Game: Speakeasysthrgf

Publisher: Waxing Puzzle Co

Players: 5+

It’s the roaring twenties and corruption grows wild. Mobsters, Crooked cops, dirty lawyers, thieves, and speakeasy owners run the streets and control the power in the city. With citizens moral growing short, a new organization is on the rise. Crime fighters have begun to take a stand against the mob. Constructed of undercover cops, vigilantes, honest politicians, and informants are rallying behind a new marshal in town. Is it too late to reduce the corruption? Or are our good forces too small to make a dent. Which, definitely makes this an interesting speakeasy board game.

Through deception, hidden identities, and social manipulation, Speakeasy is a game that pits the mob against the feds in this all out war of infiltration, misinformation, enemy secrets, and passwords. Game ends in 1 hour–add your score and figure out which team has the highest score!

To begin the game, choose a player who will be the ‘moderator’; you will have available all the secrets, the teams, and will enjoy watching your friends ruin each other. As the moderator you want to be discreet, keep extra cards and points available, and always help players. Set each player up with a role card, password card, point cards, and hand one of the players a rat card. The mob and fed roles should be evenly distributed between your members, give each player a 2 point cards, and deliver passwords according to player count. Once setup is ready, start the 60 minute timer.rts

Throughout the game each player will be guessing teammates and opponents. The game is scored by the moderator as the players will write down their answers to a select few questions such as, opposing team passwords, point cards, guessing the rat, and special points based off specific players. Highest score wins.

My experience with the game was that of an interesting one. I think the most difficult part about this game is the learning curve for each player. When dealing with this many number of players as a mandate amount, it’s easy  to find a few get lost throughout the game breakdown. As the moderator, Our game group needed to bring a +1 in order to have enough players to enjoy Speakeasy. The stronger players were those who’ve been seasoned in gaming, while the novice players definitely had to be split up accordingly.

Once the game picked up, the momentum was there. Watching the players interact (because I was the moderator) with each other, playing cards, and enjoying the rats (who was a seasoned gamer) interaction with his ‘team’ and his team. My final thoughts? If you have the time and the players; speakeasy fulfills a very fun and very interactive experience between friends and family. Enjoy lying, cheating, and secrets in order to gain the most points; then laugh about it later. This is definitely an interesting speakeasy board game that can amount to a unique experience.


Joseph Nicholas

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Indietabletop. Communication major. Favorite mechanics include: Bluffing and Deduction, modular boards, and action point allowance. Favorite video game genres are Rpgs, Puzzles games, and Sim/Tycoons.