SpaceTeam Increase Astral Synth to 1


SpaceTeam is a mobile game I typically pull out and force everyone to download, that way we can command a space ship through warp portals and asteroids. What they don’t know is that we will be experiencing the most self absorbed app in the world. Which is awesome, I’ll be shouting commands without realizing the 4 other commands were shouted at me. I’m sure my cooperative buddies feel the same way. We all end up dying after we’ve smeared our screens with green ooze and been hit by a few asteroids. It’s okay though! We usually just send up another 4 lucky space-beings for their next venture. I like to pretend they are all being sent after the other, hoping to recover some bit of remnant of the last mission we’ve embarked. BUT, I digress.SpaceTeam

This is about the most epic this to happen to analog gaming since watching everyone raise their laser in the waiting room of a blue tooth connected Space Team moment. Space Team has reached card gaming! The game provides each player with a select few card assignments. We have tool cards, which will be playing a hand in fixing malfunctions. We’ll have malfunction cards which, with arms wide open, will be welcoming our ship to doom. of course, what would this game be without interacting with the camaraderie of your local space cadets. You win when you reveal the six system go cards hidden within the malfunction deck. I am proud to say, after further investigation, that this game seems as epically intense as the mobile app. So I will SpaceTeamhopefully be seeing this gem in my game shelf soon enough. Now please, Set finite plexus to 3. Source



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