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What is Space Race?

Space Race is an illustrated card game about conquering the Universe. Based on the history of Space Race and space exploration overall. Although it is pocket sized, (roughly 3 common card decks) it is strategic and complex. Players use one of their 12 Control cards at the beginning of each round to pick a new card from a shared pool of cards called the Universe into their Space Agencies. Also, the Control Cards players use also determine which one of the four branches of abilities (propaganda, technology, space programs, and breakthroughs) in the Space Agency can be activated. A player who builds the most impressive space program in 7 decades (rounds) wins the space race. The mechanics of the game are based on finding useful synergies and powerful combo constructions.

What inspired the development of this game?

The inspiration for the mechanics comes from Magic: The Gathering’s combo-like nature mixed with a Poker-styled decisioning and position-related play. Our goal was to create a game that is complex, but at the same time also quite fast. (Space Race card game is played in 20-60 minutes.) There is just one moment in each round, during which all players decide their moves. Therefore, there’s no extra waiting and the game can proceed quickly. One of the most important goals was to create a game that doesn’t have a clear winning strategy, without combos that would be able to win the game every single time you get them. In Space Race: The Card Game, every game is different and the strategies useful in one game might not be as effective in the next one. The idea was to create a game in which all components have roughly the same power. In a usual scenario (at the beginning of the game for instance), all cards in the game have roughly the same overall power/effectivity. However, if the cards are combined properly, they might start powerful chains of abilities that can complement each other.

Information provided by Jan Soukal (Designer of Space Race Card Game)space race card game




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