Social Bingo


Game: Social BingoTime: 5-30 minutes
Players: 2- 10Difficulty: easy
Age: 17+Replay Value: lower

Social Bingo, a game that reaches toward the millennial and introduces new concepts and to build the twist on top of the classic martini we all know as bingo. Instead of bingo balls filling up your board with B6’s G10’s and so forth–players will now be drawing cards with prompts on them. Whether it’s your phones images, your facebook, or your instagram; if you want to win, you’re going to show.

In order to make your way towards a bingo, you are going to need to show proof of whatever is read out loud. “You have checked into a place on Facebook in the last month”; grab your phone, pull out your facebook, and show the crowd your proof.

How I feel About This Game

This is a very casual game, so it is hard for me to put out a traditional review. Bingo is fairly simple: if you are not familiar with it. Please click here- Do You Live Under a Rock?

I felt this game tried to do something but felt afraid to push all the way. For example, facebook is, in my personal research, a dying website. Sure, my parents use it, and yeah maybe their target demographic were parents shopping for their family. Which would make sense as from what we know, a smarter direction for this game was to decrease the amount of facebook (which there are a lot) questions and reach out toward more snapchat and youtube (which are far from few).

I would not say it is a bad game. Throw this game out at a family gathering where the family is more open to slightly risky questions and you’ll have a hit. My specific group felt we discarded more cards than were able to use because we do not actually use facebook, we barely use instagram. I personall use reddit and youtube more than anything else. So, could I just replace facebook posts with reddit? yeah maybe. Do I want to? I don’t have the motivation to do so.

But hey, this is MY opinion for MY website. I promise you my opinion does not 100% define this game.

Worth it?

Yes, I would say depending on your target demographic. My parents would love to own this game and play it with their friends from the neighborhood. My grandmother might enjoy it because she does use facebook. My specific group, no, we are the ole’ anti social media bunch. Some others who Love social media? Yeah they would absolutely dig this game!


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