Smoking Aces


Smoking Aces reinvents an old classic with its marriage between poker and BACKtable top. Each independent rank with their respective suit is provided with an offensive or defensive means of strategy. You have the option to place cards, from your hand, into play. Each individual card has its own defense or offense mechanism attached to it–these are triggered through playing, discarding, or continuous actions.


When we were able to memorize a few of the mechanics the rest came easy. We played using two different setups, which are listed in the rule book. We began by playing with random 5 card hands. Like a thief we came only to steal and kill and destroy. But it was a blast. The second setup offered more strategy, after being dealt 2 random cards, we all got to take turns choosing our following three. That round was heated, patience in fear of losing our valuables grows short. I eventually lost, like I usually do, but I was proud of my cards.

Club 2
The aesthetics define post apocalyptic poker to me. I can’t shake that thought.Every time I think about these cards and their abilities, I relive Fall Out New Vegas’s caravan card game. Which was an absolute blast.
Pawn Joker Games delivers a new perspective to poker and it is one I’d consider worth playing.


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Joseph Nicholas

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