Smoking Aces Back on Kickstarter!

Re-inventing a gambling classic may seem tough. Nicholas Markgraf does it, and does it well. Smoking Aces is a new breed of Poker possesses the fundamentals of poker and throws in some epic battle actions.

This relaunch gives backers more content and a lower funding goal. In the game players play cards from their pocket

This relaunch gives backers more content for the same original price (66% more content, to be exact). There’s also a lower funding goal. For a brief recap, in the game, Players then take turns playing one card from their hand into their pocket (a collection of cards face up on the table in front of them). Each card may resolve an effect triggered on a variety of situations. Players will need to adapt to an ever changing and highly competitive game state in order to assemble the best possible pocket by the time all players have played all cards from their hands. Source

This new campaign is 1/3 to their funding goal and still hasa healthy amount of time to fun!

Find it here!


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