Smoke City A Game I Highly Expect you’ll Enjoy Review NSFW

 Game: Smoke City Players: 2- 4
 Publisher: Self Published Time:45- 60 minutes
 Ages: 17+ Replayability: 7.5/10

Smoke City A Board Game I Highly Expect you’ll Enjoy Review NSFW

smoke city Smoke City is a board game that is a hilariously accurate portrayal of what you’d think a pot head would be doing if they were in a board game. Initially, I was stand-offish about reviewing this game because I personally don’t partake in the experience myself–so I didn’t think I’d understand the game. I was admittedly wrong and felt it was not just a funny board game, but was a really well developed engagement. You explore the city with your little dude as you complete quests such as visiting Maria’s pizzeria because you have munchies, or taking the subway to a different part of the city to smoke, keeping yourself cool so you don’t get paranoid, or just walking around the street aimlessly looking for something to do. That’s the game in a nutshell. Honestly, I felt that because of the theme, the target audience may be a bit small, however I don’t see why anyone who enjoys board games wouldn’t enjoy this (unless you’re under 17+).

Smoke City comes with a fold-out board, a few colored meeples, and four decks including: Paranoia, Quests, Actions, and Greens. Your player piece gets set down anywhere in the big city (the board) that is colored green and you begin by drawing three action cards to get this game going. Paranoia cards and Green cards go hand-in-hand because of their rolling expectations. Each green card leaves you with a heat number and a green number. Roll your die and reach above the two numbers or else suffer a paranoia card or a failure to smoke, respectively. This boardgames Rulebook was surprisingly very easy to understand regardless of books size and I think the game itself is simple to learn. In essence, the game ends when you run out of green cards and to run out of green cards, you smoke them. Player with the most points at the end of the game wins.smoke city

My Experience

smoke cityI played Smoke City with my brother (most inexperienced board game player there is) and honestly, we had a blast. He was able to pick the game up instantly. We took turns either moving up to two spots on the board, playing action cards to either give us or let us smoke green cards, give each other paranoia cards, or grab some equipment. I loved how funny it was reading quests out and then changing up my little dudes direction on the board–something  makes me laugh about meeples moving around, because of how similar the movement is compared to someone on drugs. Paranoia is an interesting type of card. When you are going to smoke some green, you need to roll your dice in order to get a higher roll than the list number on the card (assuming that meeting the requirement means you got away with smoking it). The other number represents your paranoia, if you don’t reach the number, you pull a paranoid card. I liked that some would be just false alarms while others could harm your performance. I am seriously impressed with how structured this game is. It’s noticeable they put a lot of playtesting into this title to fix any bugs.

Toward the end of our experience, we were beginning to see our efforts were paying off. Equipped with glass bongs and extra movement–this was a serious race to the finish. We began picking up speed to reach destinations needed to complete quests. We were smoking greens as often as we could to get points and end the game while we have the upper hand. I know there were plenty of times I couldn’t stop laughing because of how ridiculous some of the flavor text was. I ended up winning this game because I started stealing my opponent’s equipment definitely giving me an upper hand and leaving him with the bammer (heh, marjiuana reference).

Final Thoughts

smoke cityI could not get over how funny accurate it was to see these little dudes roam the city completing ‘quests’ which actually means eating, drinking, or doing stuff. We’d sometimes walk by each other (my brother’s and my little dudes) and animate the experience (which isn’t required) of how their interaction would’ve went. Smoke City is a very accessible experience and the flow of play is so smooth. With the availability of options for your actions, you don’t ever find the game running dull. Surprisingly, there is a nice bit of strategy involved with using the right cards to stop your opponents from collecting points, using equipment to have an upper hand, or completing quests to get that quick green card boost. The game is balanced, it’s not broken, it has a theme with spot on gameplay, it’s fun, it’s funny, and it’s easy to learn. While the theme may be a huge bust with their target audience (because it’s not too big)–I’d not let this board game go unnoticed or unplayed.

You will like this game if you’re wanting something with range. This game gives you the entirety of a city to explore as you smoke your green cards and complete objectives.

You will not like this game if you want more than a point A to point B style objective scheme. While it may have a great balance and fun gameplay, the theme can be a huge hinder to some players.


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