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smart ass travelSmart Ass Travel Size

So, like the games similar to this and more, I am posting a travel sized review of the Smart Ass Travel Size card game. This is a great trivia experience for those who like to flaunt their knowledge. Unlike Dumb ass which is more accessible to novice players and those who aren’t savvy with trivia. Smart Ass truly tests your skill with the who am I?, Where am I?, What am I?, and the infamous hard ass trivia cards with no multiple choice. These cards expect some raw answers out of their raw facts, each card offers you a multitude of facts about the specific answer, giving you that many opportunities to outsmart your opponents by getting the guess before they do. This game includes over 100 cards and is available to more than two players. What is great about his travel sized card game, is it’s portable both with the box and with the cards. It removes the hindrance of the board and provides a shuffled deck for replicating the draw of the original Smart Ass game.

Final Thoughts

I am a huge fan of trivia and especially when it is done in a game. Reason being, I play a lot of games and never have time to look up trivia on my own (plus, who knows even how to do that?). So It’s nice being thrown a nice variety of cards to guess the answer to, whether it be geography, sports, or history, I know I am always going to learn something new! Unfortunately, and you can see this with every single trivia game, the replayability will be hindered by the players who play and the reuse of the cards. When novices play smart ass with people who are experienced with the game, you will see the experienced players always trump the novices because they have memorizes the cards. Now, unlike the Dumb Ass travel game, this game comes with two times a number of cards. So I could see the longevity of this title last a bit longer. However, a tip I always share is making sure to ration the use of cards as much as you can. So instead of shuffling them all in at once, leave a few behind to make up a whole new batch of cards when the older ones are all memorized. It definitely doubles your play time.


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