Smart Ass Party Game

 Game: Smart Ass Players: 2- 8
 Publisher: University Games Age: 12+
 Time: 30 minutes Replayability: 6.5/ 10

smart assSmart Ass Party Game

Smart Ass is a party game that follows the point A to point B structure paired with dice and cards. In Smart Ass you are trying to reach the end of the board while answering trivia questions correlated to who’s, where’s, what’s, and the hard asses. Each stack is represented by a deck of cards and is color coordinated. Each stack, aside from the hard ass stack, has ten clues available for each card in order to give players enough information to guess the answer. The hard ass cards have two questions needing direct answers (very hard indeed).

The rules are straightforward and easy to read through to begin gameplay. Like the rules, the setup is very quick so it’s expected that as soon as you open the box you are practically ready to start playing. The reader rolls the category die; drawing the correlated card and reading it allowed to the group. The player who guesses the card correctly rolls the movement die and moves forward that many dice. If that player lands on the hard ass spot, they get the hard ass card read to them–if they are right they roll again.

Final Thoughts

Smart Ass is an effective party game for those who enjoy trivia. It’s available to a large group being able to play up to 8 players and is accessible to anyone to play. The interaction between players is nice because it is a lighthearted experience between players who are guessing answers. While it may be replayable at first, over time the game will be more memorable rendering some of the cards unusable. Unfortunately, when new players are involved with Smart Ass veterans, some cards may be easier for the veterans giving them an advantage. Aside from the replay value, I think the game itself is fun and offers a nice variety of trivia. My only gripes are the length of the board throwing the game short. As soon as we get the ball rolling the game is already almost over which yes, we could always play again, however, the experience from the beginning of the board seems a bit draggy. I also feel some of the cards are a bit hard to answer if we don’t know the answer. A lot of the trivia is something I have never experienced or had the thought of even learning. This isn’t a problem for me because I’m always interested in learning some new trivia. However, in a party setting with people who have never seen the game nor will play again (family from out of town)it could come up short on the fun factor.

You will like this game if you’re interested in a light-hearted party game for large groups of friends.

You will not like this game if you’re not a fan of trivia and/or are worried about replay value.



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