Skyliners, a new game by Zman games–a board game preview

What is Skyliners?

When I was young I wanted to get into civil engineering. Unfortunately, effortless talents in mathematics has had me consider communication studies as a result. That doesn’t mean I still don’t dream of building colossal structures and blueprinting my personal techincal drawings (atleast I have simcity–3000 not that other one that assumed a similar name).

Zman Games has announced Skyliners! A strategic game where players build towers in order to watch your opponents fail form a view. Zman will be bringing Skyliners to Spiel ’15 in Essen in October. Essen Germany  has held one of two major game conventions and open to the public drawing up to 150,000 people over four days. With hundreds of new games being covered this year– Skyliners is definitely setting the bar high (Where my fear of heights sets in). What I found interesting? Skyliners will be played right out of the box as the box itself is the board game. Skyliners will also be semi cooperative as you will all be placing bets on which towers you and your opponents can collectively place in the box that will be towering over the rest. This is subjective as it matters how many you can see from your side of the board.

It’ll play 2- 4 players and run for about 30 minutes.

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Joseph Nicholas

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